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Guilt/Separation Anxiety

It is killing me to leave Luigi for the weekend! He has been my almost constant companion for 3 weeks, and I've have not left him for more than an hour until this week. Monday, I was gone 3 hours for work. I was SO happy my last client cancelled. (BAD therapist)

Tuesday, I was home all day, and when I had clients, Luigi was a good therapy dog and was quiet and respectful.

Wednesday, I called all my interns and told them to come to my HOUSE for supervision instead of the agency! We were home all day! One had a ziplock bag of nuts in her purse for a snack. Luigi found it first, but Mommy got it before he ate any!

Thursday, I left him alone for 3 hours, when I had a doctor's appointment an hour away. I drove 85 back all the way! (NOT usually a speedy driver...)

I am writing this on Friday morning, I feel like a bad mom ABANDONING my puppy! I know, get a life...he is just a dog, but I will be sad/worried all the way to Yosemite. I am not ready to leave him with a babysitter! I am like a new mom with a new baby. It's only been 3 weeks. I am not ready to abandon him for the weekend, even though Dani will be there the whole time, and he REALLY likes her! The vet said to leave some underwear in his crate. I don't think so, but I did put my dirty socks in there. Poor puppy!

Dani should be prepared for MANY phone calls and texts over the weekend!

Here is Luigi's "house".


He knew something was up...luggage! How could I leave this face? I cried to the freeway. I am so silly.


I gotten several texts calls and photos from Dani. All is going well.

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We are puppy-sitting our son's 10 week old labradoodle for a week and she's doing fine! It's always harder on the mom. But be aware, they usually act like they are made at you when you first return, but it doesn't last long.

Shelagh (SJ):

No, not JUST a dog: he's your family!!!; and I totally understand your anxiety.
We have an elderly cat who is sort of palliative now, and I can't bear to leave him either when I go to work.
That said, we can't wait to hear about the adventures of Svetlanabella in the "Arctic"; and how you kept warm!!!


Oh Palma you are so sweet! I understand that it must be hard after such a short time. Bet he is going to be thrilled to have you back this afternoon!

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