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There is a reason we live in the Southern California Desert. I like HEAT! Even those over 100 degree months that drive many away in the summer don't bother me, and I rarely complain about heat (without humidity). What I hate is COLD! Despite this we are going to a very good friend's daughter's wedding next weekend in YOSEMITE!!! I am DREADING the whole thing, but I'm sure that once we get there, I will have fun with my sorority sisters, and the bride needs all her "Auntie Yayas"!

It is an 8 hour drive, and we need CHAINS! Chains should be gold and worn around one's neck!

I've been cold HERE the past few weeks with daytime temps in the 50's and lows in around 35ish. Don't you just love Accuweather? "Low: 26. REAL FEEL: 16." Those aren't temperatures! Those are the answers to, "How many cookies can you eat in a row?"

THIS is as close as I want to get to snow: my driveway!


With the recent east coast storms, several Slow Travel friends have posted photos of their yards blanketed in white. All I can think of is BRRRRRRRRRR! It looks terrifying to me. I think it is crazy, and wouldn't leave my house all winter! Even those idyllic holiday scenes don't do it for me. I shudder at the thought! Give me a sunny beach or a warm spring, summer or early fall vacation in Italy, please. I can't stand looking at those photos of Florence and Venice covered in snow. OMG, THAT is why we don't go to Italy for Christmas!

The last time I was in snow was sometime in the 1970's, when my ex-husband and I went with some friends to a ski resort. I fell down three times from the parking lot to the lodge, where I planted myself for the day drinking warm alcoholic drinks. My ex-husband took a begginer's ski lesson on the bunny hill where he knocked down a whole row of children, domino style, during the first few minutes of the lesson. We decided we were not snow people.

Back to the wedding, let's talk about clothes! I bought a down parka on sale after Christmas from Land's End. I'm sure I'll get lots of wear out of THAT! Maybe Slow Bowl in Paso Robles in February... So all of you readers who live in frozen lands east and north of me, don't laugh. Help me out here. Does this seem reasonable?


TWO pair of leggings, wool socks, UGGS, a silk underwear top, turtleneck and fleece sweatshirt under my parka. I'll bring jeans to wear inside, because once we get to the hotel, I'm not leaving until the wedding Saturday! Did I mention, a hat, gloves and two scarves? Lots of wine will be consumed.



Black tights, cashmere socks, black pants, cashmere turtleneck, dressy top over the turtleneck, UGGS to walk from the car to the chapel, and my black cashmere long coat with fur collar, fur hat. Pretty fashionable, except for the UGGS, huh? My friend said, "You need a fur coat!". Well, I don't HAVE a fur coat! Nor would I ever wear one in the desert!


I will be the one who either looks like Nanookabella or Svetlanabella!

The HARDEST part of the weekend will be leaving Luigi at home with the dogsitter! I'll be calling her OFTEN!

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I know you like to think you don't sweat, but you are going to sweat like a horse in all those clothes inside. In the USA it may get cold OUTside, but INside is always tropical.

I have no really cold weather clothes anymore, but I have to go to DC and MAINE! Can you imagine me dying in Maine? Lost in a snowbank? Icicle eyeballs? Leaving black toes behind me as I pass along?

Judith, I can always shed layers when we are INSIDE. It is those smoking breaks I'll need the layers for. I can't imagine Maine in winter. I am now cold in my warm kitchen just thinking about it! Stay warm, and have FUN. If you can't stand it, come visit us!

Ah, Palma. You'll never survive in Boston!

"Did I mention, a hat, gloves and two scarves? Lots of wine will be consumed."

Looks like you've got everything covered:o)


This is such a funny post...I'm rolling on the floor laughing! I understand how you feel about the cold, but at least you'll look good.
I love the black coat and hat.


I think you will be pretty warm!! I did the same last January in Rome and almost passed out from overlayering my clothes thinking my blood had thinned out from my years in Florida.. Wool socks are great!!! I love the coats and the hat!! I'm with you..I do not like snow or winter at all!


You look like quite the fashionista in your furry hat and long coat. Do you have one of those Snuggie blankets to add to the mix?

Here in SoCal I've been hangin' in the house with my warm and fuzzy pj's for weeks now. What happened to those warm sunny days we can expect even in the winter although the sunsets have been spectacular.


Both the white parka and the black coats are beautiful! Just dress in lots of layers that you don't mind removing. Our clothes are so much warmer than what our grandparents grew up wearing and our homes and businesses are so much warmer. We live in a wonderful time in the history of our world!


Looks beautiful and warm, but I'm worried about your feet. Uggs are warm, but how do they do in slush? We were up there in the snow and just walking from the car to the inn was snowy/slushy and icy. Have fun! It's gorgeous this time of year!

Palma, ciao da Bologna, where you would fit right in with both of those coats.

The current uniform in Venice and Bologna is a down puffy coat with a hood trimmed in fur! I am thinking of getting one as all the sales are on now.

You look gorgeous and the white down coat will be perfect for Paso in Feb.


I am totally with you about the cold,the snow & the chains! Wedding weekend attire looks great! With all that warm weather gear, you should come east for a visit. I can share a very similar ski story with you.


This post made me laugh! Love the white coat, and the black coat. The hat I think might be for people that are a little older than you, but you pull it off! :)

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