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Surviving the Snow and Haley's Wedding

We arrived in Yosemite at about 5 p.m. on Friday afternoon. It was COLD! We checked in at the Yosemite Lodge, and found that our room was in another building, just down the road and across the street from the main lodge. We parked in the snowy parking lot, after being given "the talk" about bears, and food in cars or in rooms. Oh oh! There were two HUGE trays of cookies in the back seat, two grocery bags of wine, sandwiches, cheese, salami, bread, snacks, and a jar of peanut butter in the trunk, an ice chest, and the remains of our lunch in the car. Brad left me in the car (as I am useless walking in ice and snow.), and he made 7 trips to the room to unload the car. No bears came for my cookies.


Well, it took me 15 minutes to walk the 100 yards to the building. The room was fine, a bit rustic, but hey, I WAS in the wilderness, except there was no coffee pot, or even hot water. I cranked up the heater, and kept my parka on. That was when I first called the place my "prison camp" for the weekend, as I was NOT walking anywhere in that snow and ice again until I HAD to on Saturday for the wedding.

Brad got us coffee to warm up, and I could go stand on my patio to smoke, as it wasn't much colder outside than inside!



As I watched people walking by, and only saw ONE guy slip and fall in the snow, I realized that many people come here ON PURPOSE! OMG! I cannot imagine doing this again unless at gunpoint! But I love my sorority sister, Kim, and her daughter, even if I thought this was INSANE.

I decided people who are used to cold must think this is pretty because they have never been to Tuscany, or the Amalfi coast, or Piemonte, or Umbria, or, well...you get the idea!

I was settled in for the night. I considered skipping the ceremony at the chapel in the SNOW, and drinking GOOD coffee at the Ahwahnee all morning while waiting there for the reception (NO snow if Brad picks me up at the road, and there's valet parking at the Ahwahnee). My sorority sisters, Joy and Connie came to our room with more food and wine, and we played games and ate and had a great evening. I survived DAY 1!



I wore leggings and socks under my flannel pajamas, and the bottom half of me was warm. The top half of me shivered for two hours after Brad fell asleep, and my nose resembled a red ice cube. After some more crappy coffee, I tried to take a shower. The water was either SCALDING, or ICY! I tried four times to get all the way in the shower/tub, but there was no temperature that was bearable. I finally stood outside the tub and managed to get the shampoo out of my hair, and only flooding the bathroom a little.

As I sat on my patio for a smoke, I noticed a small child in a red jacket and green ski hat in the snow. She was there a LONG time, and there were no adults with her. 30 minutes later, I looked, and she was still there, but still no parents. I was ready to call the front desk, or even CPS, when I squinted and realized that SHE was a fire hydrant.
See what happens when I am cold and have only one cup of BAD coffee?

The wedding was at 11. At 9:30, Brad and I were dressed and ready, so we took off and drove to the chapel a good 45 minutes early, because I thought it might take me that long to get in through the snow/ice from the parking lot. The chapel IS very charming and looks like a Christmas card.



I managed to hang on to Brad with a death grip as we walked the icy path to the steps in my UGGS. The woman in front of me had on high heels. How stupid is that? In the snow? My goal was to stay vertical, and I did! Much later, the rest of my friends arrived.


I have never worn pants to a wedding (let alone three pairs at once), but my goal was to be as warm as possible, so there I was in tights, TWO pair of leggings, socks, UGGS, long underwear top, turtleneck, dressy jacket and THEN the big black coat, hat and gloves. I was comfortable. Judith, I did NOT sweat!

Photographs were not allowed in the chapel, but I snuck one of the bride and groom on their way out.


I also "borrowed" a couple from Facebook: Can you say STRAPLESS and SLEEVELESS?



Tomorrow...the recption and fun with the sisters!

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Barb Cabot:

I laughed out loud about the child in the snow "aka fire hydrant". You are hysterically funny. This could be a chapter from a book. You look adorable in the fur hat and coat. Very Dr. Zhivago-ish!


Palma, you are so funny! I know exactly how you feel and I agree with you 100%!Have turned down many ski/mountain weekends - I don't do fun & cold unless absolutely necessary!

Hysterical! Glad you survived the cold.


Loving this! So funny. And yeah, I can't understand having strapless, sleeveless dresses in a winter wedding!! Poor brides maids!

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