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The LONG Day

Our power company, Southern California Edison, notified us three ways (phone, letter, and a note on everyone's gate) that there would be an "interruption in service" on Thursday, January 20 from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.. What do you do all day wit no electricity?
The answer is: NOT MUCH!

I got up at 5:00, to make sure there was COFFEE, and to have time to blow dry my hair. Thursdays, I am free all day, and usually at home, except for a client every other week. It is the beginning of my weekend. It usually means, cleaning the house, cooking or baking, and a nice, relaxing day.

I bustled around until everything went off and the extreme QUIET began. I have lots of natural light in my house, so I thought, it would be no big deal. Brad left for work at 6:30, and there was a beautiful "moonset" outside.


It was still a little dark in the kitchen to do the jigsaw puzzle on my kitchen table, so I did some paperwork. By 9:00, I moved to the patio, and read my book.

10:00 I took Luigi for a walk.

11:00 heated up cold coffee on gas stove using BBQ lighter. Is this what camping is like? No internet, no computer, I'm getting restless. Oh, wait! I have 3G on the i-phone!

12:00 lunch

1:00 Another walk with Luigi. Time for a nap! Can't sleep. Work on jigsaw puzzle.

2:00 Read another 100 pages of my book.

3:00 BORED!!! Play with Luigi. i-phone almost out of power. Everything I thought to do required power! Laundry...NO, cook dinner... NO, blog...NO, Fall asleep reading on the sofa...YES!

4:00 Another walk. Visit neighbor. Get mail. Read mail. Now what??? Thinking of 40 things I want to google! Need to answer emails!

5:00 countdown. One more hour! House is dark. Light candles everywhere. Phone is dead. Get flashlight. I can do this!

6:00 still dark. Luigi is barking at everything.

6:30 still dark. Getting cold.

7:00 Brad comes home with fully charged i-phone, reads SCE's website. Time has been changed to 11 p.m. Says, "Those ****ers!" Brad walks Luigi with flashlight on dark streets.

7:30 Lock Luigi up in the dark with candles in the kitchen. Go out to dinner and charge my phone in Brad's car. Poor little guy.

8:45 Come home and sit in dark and play with Luigi. Feel CRAZY.

9:30 Go to bed and read by flashlight.

12:30 a.m. POWER comes back on turning on house lights, yard lights, clocks flashing everywhere.

I'm back! YEAH!

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Plug the phone into your car and drive away. That's what we do when the power goes out.


Palma, you make even a power outage entertaining. :) That was a long one, I would go crazy for sure!


We had an experience like that in Mazatlan once, Les just drank all nite!Seemed to work for him.

Eden's thought was my first thought too. I do have to remember escaping to the car - that's a good one. Thinking of this, I can also plug in my ipod there! Hope today starts off differently for you.

Love your hour by hour account! I am also addicted to electricity and go crazy when it is out. I can't believe they left you in the dark for so long.


It's hard to imagine a day without electricity!!! I'd be running the batteries on my laptop right down, and then getting out of town!

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