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Walking with Luigi

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I stopped making New Year's Resolutions years ago, as I am not fond of disappointing myself with expectations that rarely happen. I prefer to have a few GOALS or things I'd like to accomplish. When I DID make resolutions, losing weight was always number 1 on the list, and I think I have started a "diet" or made attempts to lose weight EVERY January for the past 40 years or so. Surprisingly, I did not put on any weight over the holidays (actually, I rarely gain weight over Christmas, but often gain weight in January, as it is my least favorite month).

A GOOD thing about this January is Luigi has caused me to take 4-5 short walks a day around my neighborhood! That is a TOTAL of over 2 miles a day, just walking around the block! That is two miles more than I walked before, despite the cold weather. Luigi refuses to go potty in our front OR back yard. He is potty trained, and I guess he thinks the courtyard and back yard are just two more big rooms. He only goes potty when walking on his leash, so that gets me out every few hours! I think I am liking the "Luigi Weight Loss Plan"! I keep telling him he has OLD, COUCH POTATO parents, but there is lots of time spent playing ball, or running after him to confiscate the latest magazine or catalog he has run off with! MORE exercise, right? No more baking until Valentine's Day, and no more desserts in the house should help too!

Tuesday, on one of our walks, a group of 4 people walked my my house, but I was stopped talking with a neighbor. As they passed, I heard them speaking Italian. I tried to catch up to them (picture Luigi and I running across a large lawn area with me yelling, "Buon Giorno, Buon Girono!") They stopped to see who the crazed woman with the dog was, and backtracked, meeting me in the street around the corner. The man said, "Perche parli italiano?" Why do you speak Italian?

The woman introduced herself as a new neighbor (part time resident), and we immediatly threw our arms around each other in introduction, like long lost relatives. The other three were visitors from Rome, and we all chatted for a few minutes. When they asked about the puppy, I told them his name was Luigi. The man laughed and said, "Io sono Luigi!" He then laughed more saying, in Italian, that his dog in Rome was named "Dave"! LOL

Is it time for a walk?


She's got the leash, her cigs, the poop bags and a jacket. Hope she brings the treats!


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Sounds like a very fun walk, Palma, for you and all of the Luigis!


You made me laugh out loud!

When I am away I can hear one word in Italian and get all excited. I am so glad you've discovered a neighbor parlante!


Oh I LOVE this post! I am so glad you made new Italian friends in the neighborhood! Sono troppo contenta per te! (And I also love that the guy's dog is named Dave!)

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