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A Lollapalooza Headache!

Some of you may remember my scare last year of a small growth on the crown of my head. It was biopsied in September with negative results for cancer. Well the little sucker came back, bigger and creepier than ever.

On Monday, I had an outpatient procedure to remove it and have another biopsy done. This time a large chunk of my scalp was removed and 7 stitches sewed me back together. First I was given 3 LONG shots in my head to numb the area. Then my doctor cut and cut and cut out an area about an inch by a half an inch. Then he sewed me up. The whole thing took about 40 minutes. They plastered my head with triple neosporin antiseptic and we were on our way.

The procedure was finished at 4:00, and I felt fine for the next 11 hours of so. I went to bed with my head and feet elevated. By 3:00 a.m. I worke up with the mother of all throbbing headaches! OOOWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEE! A Tylenol with codine took a little of the edge off, but I could not go back to sleep, so I got up at 4:00, made coffee, and tried to read with Luigi snuggled with me on the couch. Every 4 hours, I get another pain pill, and am comfortably asleep for a couple of hours!

On Tuesday I had a two hour group to do in the afternoon, cancelled the rest of my clients. I also have quite a lovely hairdo (bed-head with lots of neosporin added). I will be a fashionista in sweats and a hat for my group. Wednesday, my interns are coming to my house for supervision from 9-1. I can lay on the couch in my sweats.
Then I plan an afternoon nap before one client at 5.

Thursday, I will get to wash my hair! Whoo Hoo!

The photo shows my funny and wonderful nurses with my very kind surgeon on the phone in the background! They were great. It's a good thing, as this is just the beginning of a likely 4 more surgeries, skin grafts, etc. YIKES!


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Barb Cabot:

Yikes, povera Palma! As long as the end results are negative that's all we hope for. So sorry for this but praying that all will heal fine. See you soon! Some wine with friends will help alot.

Yikes is right! I hope this is the end of that little bugger!

PS - Hats are good and you are good in hats!

chiaro di luna:

Hoping you are recovering. well. All the best to you.
Take care.


Sorry to hear that it came back. What a pain - literally. Rest and catch up on movies...snuggle up with Luigi.


Ouch -- this sounds painful and unsettling, Palma! The crown of the head is pretty sensitive, not much padding up there! I hope that you're doing okay.

When do you expect the biopsy results? I'm sure they'll be negative as before, but it will be good to have that confirmed.


So sorry to hear that you are uncomfortable. I always take the pain meds before the pain begins as my dentist told me years ago that there is something referred to as 'pain memory' and once it begins it's hard to stop. Hope you are much better soon. Your blog is always a pleasant moment in my busy day.

Oh Palma, this is terrible and I am very sorry to hear of it! Four more procedures? Yikes!

Hats are fun to shop for though ;)

Denise Curtis:


Include me in the yikes group! Hope you are feeling better. I'll be thinking of you. Take it easy for awhile.


Oh Palma, so sorry it grew back. You were very brave! Glad they gave you some pain meds. Hope you are feeling better soon!


Persistent sucker, wasn't it! Hope this was the last of the little pest. Feel better soon!


Hope that you are feeling better by now! Sorry you had to go through this again!

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