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Burrata Class


It was really fun to watch a cheesemaker make fresh mozzarella cheese. About 40 minutes into the process, I decided "I'm NEVER going to do this at home!" After we were finished, and I ate the cheese, I thought, "I could do this!"




We began with the two enzimes: We prepared the lipase by adding it to water and letting it sit for 20 minutes. Next we took whole milk (NOT ultra pasturized), and poured it into a large pot with some citric acid mixed in water. The lipase is also added.

This milk mixture was heated to exactly 90 degrees to curdle. The rennet is added and the milk is stirred in a top to bottom motion with a slotted spoon. The heat is turned off so the curds can rest.


The curds are cut into a 1' checkerboard pattern.


The curds are then heated to 105 degrees for a few more minutes, then scooped into a microwave-safe bowl.


Pour off as much whey (the liquid part) as possible.



The cheese is microwaved on high for 1 minute, and more whey is drained off. Now it is time to knead the cheese (as you would bread dough) and add salt. Then STRETCH the cheese (like taffy).


Now you can tear off and form the cheese into balls, leaving them as mozzarella. For burrata, we broke off a small piece, stretched it flat into a little round disk, and placed a scoop of mascarpone in the center, forming a little round package. Serve with a drizzle of olive oil and salt if desired.


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I'm drooling! Looks wonderfully fresh and healthy!!

Barb Cabot:

I'm so impressed with your notes and beautiful photos. The results were really delicious. Such an interesting afternoon class.


I'm craving that again! I'm glad you posted your documentation because Sean wants to do this and your pictures will help:)

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