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Luigi's Lesson and Useful Dog Tricks


I had had quite a scare with Luigi the other night. I have one client who just adores him, so Luigi joins her therapy sessions in my office. He is usually pretty good, and goes between sitting with her on the couch, to playing with his chew toy on the floor. Occasionally he wanders into the corner to chew on the large basket holding a palm tree.

It was the end of our session, and we were saying good-by. Luigi was in the corner behind my table where the palm tree is. All of the sudden, the lamp went on and off rapidly, there was a loud electrical buzzing, and Luigi was screaming bloody murder. He was chewing the the lamp cord plug, and getting badly shocked. My client screamed, and we both lunged for Luigi. I really thought he was electrocuted and would die! I grabbed him (client right behind me) and pulled him away. In that split second, I wondered if i would be electrocuted...but HAD to save Luigi. He was terrified, but ok. My client let herself out while I ran in the house with Luigi to call the vet. It was terrifying. I promised to call the client and let her know he was all right. The vet said it was as if he had been tasered, but there shouldn't be any damage. She said to watch him that evening. I held him the rest of the night! I called my client on her way home to reassure her. She called again the next morning to check on him. I decided NOT to charge my client for a therapy session in which I TRAUMATIZED her!

I wish I could train Luigi to do this with our coffee pot.

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How terrifying for all 3 of you! So glad Luigi is okay!

Palma-I'm so glad Luigi is okay. How scary! I cannot even imagine going through that. I just watched the video-it's so cute. I especially love it when the fog hops right up into the dishwasher to push the tray in.


I'm traumatized just reading it:( Poor baby. Glad it turned out well for all of you.


How terrifying for all 3 of you -- yikes! I'm so glad that it turned out okay.

Barb Cabot:

So glad he is okay and you too! What a scare. The photo is so sweet. He's adorable.

Robert Santa Monica:

Well, I was waiting for my Luigi hit, but not that. Scary story. I am glad the boy is OK.

Loved the video. Jack Russell's are SMART, if a bit of a handful.

Yrs, Robert

Oh, Palma, so sorry to hear about Luigi's horrible experience but grateful he seems fine. TLC goes a long way! Love the clip too.

OMG! I just saw your post.

Poor Luigi - and poor you (and your traumatized client) for having to go thru this terrifying experience.

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