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We Need to STOP

I am guilty!

I, out of sick curiosity, watched the 20/20 interview with Charlie Sheen. We need to stop giving this guy constant media attention! The quotes, the interviews, the internet/TV/press frenzy is over the top! ENOUGH!

The man is obviously a very disturbed, and sick guy. We continue to give him publicity and a forum for his narcissism and addictive behavior. He is the butt of every late-night talk show host and comedian. How sad for his family and especially for his children. I know drama and craziness make for good television. Hey, that's why I watch the Bachelor! But mental illness and addiction are serious topics and we don't go into mental hospitals to laugh at the patients. I think this media attention is dangerous, and Charlie is already near death. It also REWARDS Charlie's inappropriate behavior and eggs him on to make even more bizarre statements. Why are we reinforcing this? It is really NOT funny. It is SAD, very sad.

Ditto for Lindsay Lohan! Interesting how the media LOVES celebrities! We get many in town during their "rehab" at Betty Ford Center. Too bad a faithful 25 year employee lost her job over the bratty young woman who we watch drunk, high, and when under arrest on television

Last year, during a "visit" to BFC, Steven Tyler was often seen at my neighborhood Alberson's grocery store. His behavior was completely appropriate and friendly.

I guess it is BORING to show healthy, productive people, but I refuse to watch any more interviews with Charlie Sheen. I hope we are not soon viewing his funeral.

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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am so glad to finally read something that makes sense about Mr Sheen's situation. I feel terrible for his parents who have watched his destructive behavior for so much of his life and been unsuccessful in helping him.

I feel the same way as you do. I just can't stand to look at him anymore. And I used to kind of like his rebel personality. But no more - enough is enough!

Robert Santa Monica:

The worst part of the Sheen disaster is that his real crime, violence against women, is just sort of laughed at as just some more of Crazy Charlie's old tricks. There was a good op-ed in today's NYTimes about this very issue:


So I think that we should treat his violence against women very seriously. I personally don't care one way or the other about him, but this issue enrages me.

Yrs, Robert

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