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It Swallowed My Checks!


Last September a Chase Bank mini-branch was installed in my Albertsons grocery store. It is so convenient, I haven't been to my regular bank branch in months. I love their new ATMs that will take up to 30 checks for a deposit with no deposit slip needed. I have never had a problem.

Saturday, while Brad was paying for our groceries, I walked over to the ATM, as I had 14 checks to deposit. Three were large payroll size checks, and the rest were personal checks written by clients. I put them all in the slot, and the screen said something like, "We can read 0 checks, try again." It spit all the checks out.

I decided it was because of the two different sizes of paper. I deposited the longer checks, and all went well. Then the screen said, "Would you like to deposit more checks?" I pushed that button, the slot lit up, and I inserted the other 11 checks.

Again, the screen said, "We can read 0 checks, try again."

It did NOT spit out anything. No more screen, no lit up slot. Nothing. Niente!

That was $1100, thank you very much!

I went to the counter and told my story to the gentleman, while Brad stood in front of the ATM. The teller called a number, and handed me the phone to make a claim. After speaking to two people (and luckily I knew the amount the WHOLE deposit should have been, because before leaving home, Brad added up my checks on his i-Phone, and is a math savant when it comes to remembering numbers), a claim was made. They credited my account with the correct amount pending their pick-up from the ATM. It took about 10 extra minutes. Today it has one business day, and the money should be there with everything straightened out by tomorrow.

What did we do before ATMs? Luckily there was a counter with REAL bank employees to assist me!

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