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Italian Moms Rock!

I came across this article from the Wall Street Journal when reading my friend, Janie's blog, Panini Girl. I LOVE this story of Calabrian moms who are sending their kids' favorite foods to the city in time for Sunday pranzo!

Wall Street Journal article

I grew up having Sunday pranzo at my Aunt Annie's house. After she died, every Sunday was spent at my mom's. It was a time the whole family came together for homemade pastas, meats, salad, veggies and side dishes. It was about food and laughter and love!

There are some things no one can make like your mama! After my mom passed away, of course there was a large tub of sauce in her freezer. I couldn't just EAT it, because then I could never have my mom's sauce again! So I made a huge batch of sauce, and added my mom's sauce to it, freezing more containers. For three years, I repeated this each time I made sauce, I added some from the freezer, that had Mom's sauce in it, so at least in my head, my mom's sauce would go on forever. I eventually figured out that my sauce really tasted exactly like my mom's, and stopped the diluting process, but for a while, it was very comforting.

Many joke about Italian moms never letting go, smothering their children, or raising mama's boys, but who wouldn't love a food delivery of Mama's cooking? God bless those Calabrian woman sending a dish of love to their lucky adult children! The business is BRILLIANT!

So I'm picturing Brad driving the refrigerated truck all over southern California for "Pranzo di Mama" deliveries. LOL

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