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Naughty Luigi


Mom says I've been naughty! I thought she would forget when she got the Mother's Day card.

It was nice and chewy, and she was on the phone. I didn't eat much!


I like Mom's shoes, but she was REALLY mad.


Daddy keeps saying things about an "operation" and "time for a surgery to fix my balls". Nothing wrong with my balls, except when they roll under the sofa, and I can't reach them!

Something is up. There's a lot of luggage around. I better be good!


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LOL! Loved reading about the balls. And then the last picture saying "something is up"..........did you purposely include the "subliminal" message that said ITALY? (Look at the picture & see it in the bottom right corner!)Too funny!

Barb Cabot:

Very Funny...thanks for my morning laugh!


I just love him, chewing tendencies and all!


Too funny! But how could you stay mad? Just look at those sorry eyes!

Susan Kuck:


I've been reading and enjoying your blog for many months but there's something I have not been able to figure out: are your trips 'by invitation only' or are they open to the public?


Susan, Our Palmabella's Italy tours are open to all! Click on the sunflower on the right of my blog!


That is the saddest little expression -- poor Luigi!


Oh no he ate the float!!

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