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Grape Hops Day 2: A Rainy Sunday

Shannon and Kim were very flexible with our schedule, accomodating everyone's needs. Since the forecast showed a day of rain, Sunday morning was a perfect museum day. I decided to opt out of the history and culture, as I have been to some Venice museums in the past. What I desperately needed was a SHOPPING DAY! It was my third day in Italy, and I hadn't been in a store other than for groceries!


After a lovely breakfast of fresh pastries, I set out with my little umbrella for a 3 hour walk! Since I am a laser shopper, it didn't take me long to buy several gifts, some goodies for our Bologna Group's "Welcome Bags", and sit out one particularly hard downpour in a caffe for another latte macchiato. I wandered through several neighborhoods, leaving Cannareggio, and crossing the Rialto Bridge into San Paolo. After crossing back over the Grand Canal I ended up somewhere behind San Marco. The Basilica and piazza are even beautiful in the rain!


My shopping needs were met, and I picked up a few treasures. My jeans were soaked to the knees, but I was quite pleased with myself and ready for a comfort food Sunday pranzo!


I was able to make it to meet the group near the Accademia Bridge for lunch at 1:00 at Taverna San Trovaso. I cleaned my plate of linguini carbonara and enjoyed several glasses of wine!


We returned to the apartment for a little nap, and the rain let up, promising sunny skies for the rest of the week. It must be time for one of Shannon's favorite wine bars!


How can I describe being in Venice with Shannon? She IS Venetian! She knows every nook, cranny, neighborhood, canal, bridge, piazza, and wine bar in town. She seems as "at home" as a local. I loved hearing her speak Italian, and make restaurant reservations. I love how she walks into places with the familiarity of an old friend. SO MUCH FUN.

Pizza for dinner was a great idea, as we had pasta for lunch. Mine was prosciutto and gorgonzola. YUM!


Ok, these were my shopping treasures from the morning walk:

How can you go wrong with black and gold? In the center is a matching rose ring.


Black and white goes with half my closet!


My favorite find were these glass beads in black and shades of butterscotch. Of course I had to get the matching silk shawl!


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Barb Cabot:

There is something magical and romantic about being in a downpour in Venice and running for shelter and having a coffee in some small hideout. I love thinking of all of you there and also the hidden little shops and all the nooks and crannies that you discover when you wander with no plans all by yourself. Sounds like a perfect day, a good combo of touring with friends and wandering and exploring on your own.

Shelagh (SJ):

I always love to hear (and see!) what you have been shopping for!
I love shopping in Italy too.
I particularly like those butterscotch beads!!
Keep the tales coming!

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