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Grape Hops: Hanging Out

It is an art form to be able to hang out in a caffe, bar, campo or piazza. Brad and I have mastered this, and do it several times a day. There's the "AFTER the morning coffee coffee", the "I'm tired of walking, let's stop for a coffee/water", The afternoon "Perk up after a nap", of course, "Appertivo", and late night "Nightcap/coffee/grappa".

This was the scene from the caffe around the corner from our apartment.



I love it when on day 2 or 3, everyone who works at the caffe greets you and knows what your order will be. I am not a "stand at the counter and chug an espresso" type. Yes, I love/need the caffine, but I also love to watch the world go by, and get to understand the neighborhood. I am going to SIT and drink a latte or two. I want to watch the dogs taking their owners on a morning walk. I love to see the dads in suits carrying a pink backback and escorting their daughters to school, or the moms in their high heels with a school-aged child in tow. I love to see the tourists (Americans trying to get an iced coffee, or Germans having a beer at 8:30 a.m.). Nonnas stopping to see the butcher, and flower deliveries happen at this time. I may read, or plan my day, or journal, but I will always go back to just watching the people.

Shannon took the Grape Hops gang to a wonderful campo to hang out in before dinner: Campo San Giacomo in Santa Croce. Tucked away was a huge park-like campo with trees, benches, bars, neighborhood kids and dogs, and a wine bar called, "Al Prosecco". I LOVED this place!







Later, we had dinner at La Zucca. I must say this was my first all vegetarian dinner in Italy. We began with a delicious pumpkin-cheese flan.


My entree was a wonderful artichoke-zucchini lasagna.


We also shared a number of grilled veggies, and three desserts went around the table.
The lemon was light and luscious!




After dinner, we walked home, but I needed that last hanging out in a caffe fix. Shannon and I stopped for a final coffee/wine. The waitress asked if I wanted a regular latte or a GRANDE latte. Of course I went with GRANDE. It arrived in a cereal bowl...at least a triple! Just my size. No problem going right to sleep afterwards! I am loving my Grape Hops week in Venice!


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Lovely post!

We sat in Campo San Giacomo and watched the world go by a few times when in Venice with our daughters a few years ago. One evening the skies opened up and let loose a deluge. Everyone ran for cover, except Dave and I. We stood in the rain for a second, looked at the (now) vacant bench under the canopy of trees, looked at each other, sat down and stayed dry for the duration!

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