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Palmabella's Italy Day 8: Part 2: Ferrari Museum



Our bus continued to Maranello, a small town outside of Modena, to the Ferrari Museum.

It turned out to be a "Magic Kingdom" for Brad. We entered the museum, and first you see a shop with every possible item of clothing and accessory with a Ferrari logo. Lots of red and yellow! I bought our tickets to enter the museum, and noticed Brad staring at a wall. I moved on, and was done with everything in about 10 minutes. Sure, I think the shiny red sports cars are cool looking, but to me, a car is just a vehicle, and while these were very nice cars, I'm not thinking about speed, and power and whatever it is that goes into Formula One racing. I was ready to a latte in the Ferrari caffe! I looked for Brad and he was STILL STARING AT THE SAME WALL! He had tears in his eyes, and said, "This is like the Vatican must be for a Catholic!" OMG! I handed Brad the camera and headed to the caffe...


Later, when I asked how he could stare at the "Hall of Champions" for so long, he said he was very moved and felt the "brilliance, dedication and passion of Ferrari." He also said, "They do one thing, and they may do it better than ANYBODY."




An HOUR later, he emerged from the museum, and explained that there was a place next door where you could DRIVE a Ferrari for 100 Euro for 10 minutes.







Brad said of his driving experience: "While ten minutes on residential streets wasn't a lot of time, (especially with the instructor in the front seat saying "Easy, easy!" a lot so as not to exceed local speed limits), I did get to accelerate a couple of times, not watching the speedometer until I backed off and saw it drop from 160 KPH. I've done 200 KPH in a car. I'd like to do 240 KPH in a Ferrari. Maybe next time..."

I told Brad I say, "Easy, easy! " to him all the time for FREE!

240??? I think NOT!


I've been trying to think if there is ANYTHING I would pay 100 euro for 10 minutes of.
George Clooney popped into my head, but 10 minutes is not very long. I had a couple of ideas for 300 euro for 30 minutes, but they involved one-on-one cooking time with a famous chef. The food always wins. It would be nice to have an hour, but I would need to bring something home with me!

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Great post! I will always laugh when thinking of Brad and the Ferrari museum after seeing a Ferrari with Andrea and talking about Brad's experience. Glad Brad got to have his Magic Kingdom experience! I would have felt the same way you did about it - a car is a car.

I have been really enjoying reading about your trip and tour. Makes me miss Italy even more!

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