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7 Links

My friend, Janie, of Panini Girl, tagged me to participate in 7 Links.
After blogging for almost 5 years, it was interesting to see how my blog has changed. I think this meme has traveled all over Italy's blogosphere, and is now doing the North America circuit!

This is a look back on seven posts.

1. Most Beautiful:

Tie (I always think food is beautiful!) Chocolate and Caramel Cake


Waking Up in Italy


2. Most Popular
Well my new cinquecento was a pretty popular post!

Time to Say Good-bye


3. Most Controversial

I don't really write much that is controversial, since my blog is usually about food of Italy, but there was that time I told off a table full of rude Italian men...

Italian Confrontation

4. Most Helpful: How about where to have the best coffee in Rome?

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee...in Rome


5. Blog Post where the Success Surprised Me

Not gorgeous photos of Italy, or even a fabulous recipe! This was a post a few years ago where I wrote about going through a period of depression. It showed me how much my readers and friend really care! I just got teary reading all the wonderful comments again.

The Dark Clouds Are Lifting

6. Blog Post that Didn't Get Attention it Deserved:

This one was easy! The first thing that came to mind was my spaghetti and meatball cake! It was even cuter than the photo!

Italian Dinner Party: Part 2


7. Post You Are Most Proud of:

The Food, the Food!

This was our some of our Friday night's cocktail party food at the San Diego Slow Travel Gathering in 2010!


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Great to look back! I should have let you know I put you up for the links,but I was hoping you'd see it.

Barb Cabot:

Such a nice walk down memory lane. I remember each of these posts. Your blog is simply incredible! You rock it Palma!

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