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Eating Our Way Through Le Marche

There are at least 10 things I want to sample on our upcoming trip to Le Marche that appear to be regional specialties!

1. Carne alle brace (grilled meats)


2. Vincigrassi (lasagna of the region with bechamel, cured meats with little tomato)


3. Passatelli (strands of pasta made from breadcrumbs, parmigiano and egg, cooked in broth)


4. Olive d'Ascolana (I made leave these meat-stuffed olives for Brad, as I am not an olive fan)


5. Coniglio in Porchetta (I LOVE rabbit, and porchetta...oh MY!)


6. Ciauscolo (soft, spreadable salami)


7. Prosciutto di Carpegna


The next choices are all cheese! I never met an Italian cheese I didn't like, so we plan to visit a cheese producer and sample!

8. Casciotta D'Urbino (a local pecorino cheese)


9. Cacio La Forma di Limone (a sheep milk cheese made with lemon zest on the rind)


10. Formaggio di Fossa (a strong-flavored cheese aged in limestone holes in the ground)


Finally, the cheese producer also has a creamy buffalo made blue cheese called "Blue Dadone" that sounds like somewhere between a mozzarella and a creamy gorgonzola! That is my idea of heaven!

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Colleen Costello:

Palma, Fried cream is something you need to add to your list of foods to try. It is unusual because it is sweet but appears on many appetizer plates especially in Ascoli.It is a very thick pastry cream that is breaded and fried. I did become a little addicted.

Another good thing for you to look for is the drink Moretti or sailors coffee. Delicious! Coffee,Anisette and rum with many varieties. It seems every place has thier own version so it was fun trying as many as possible.

Have fun getting through your list.

Thanks, Colleen!

I knew about the Moretti drinks, but not the fried cream. They both sound fun!

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