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I have named the new baby "Bianca" for obvious reasons. Yesterday, she got her Italian stripes, an accessory we NEEDED! Now she is ready to go anywhere!





I tried to coordinate with her... (I know...too much time on my hands!)


For anyone who worries I am "over the top", I promise I will not order either of these for our living room!



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Shelagh (SJ):

I'm thrilled to see that Bianca is as coordinated with her accessories as you always are, Palma!! ;)
Very lovely stripes; now you need a road trip!

Lisa Baskin:

Love the car! You crack me up...you're so-o-o-o funny!


Denise Curtis:

I don't think I know anyone who is more coordinated and put together than you! How do you find the time?

I don't know, those "sofas" look awfully cute! I think I see your name on them! Wouldn't they look great on your patio?!


Biana is adorable!!!

Wonder which came first - the white car or the stripes --- in your creative mind?


i love, love the stripes on the car! those couches are such a conversation piece. I'm starting to get ideas for my bonus room!

That is funny, Menehune! Actually the stripes came first! I've been watching the FiatUSA website for a year waiting for the Cinquecento convertible to get here, and that was the only reason I decided on a white one instead of red! The dealer GAVE me the $400 stripes when he saw how crazed I am about Italy!


I am in love with your car. I don't think you could have found anything more appropriate:)


Love it. Love it. Love it. And love that he gave you the stripes for free!! Congrats on your adorable new car.

So you say you aren't getting the furniture accessories for the living room but neglected to say anything about the patio . . .hmmmmmm

Barb Cabot:

OMG!!!!!! I love it!

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