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Time to Say Good-bye

I bought my Chrysler Seabring 14 years ago next month. It was the same day I met Brad. (What a great day, a new convertible and meeting my furture spouse!) But the poor car has suffered through 11 years of desert summers in the HOT sun in the driveway!


That has caused lots of cosmetic damage! The window is stuck down...(had them all fixed once for 1600...and it happened again) This also means it must be hand-washed, and it is great fun to drive in the rain (good thing it hardly ever rains here).


The paint has oxidized, and the convertible top is unraveling.


The leather seats have shredded, and the foam is a mess.



Let's see...the automatic key zapper thingy doesn't work, so I have to manually unlock the doors or trunk with a key, and the trunk doesn't stay open and will decapitate you unless held open with a pole.

I have endured all of this for years. My friend, Deborah's blog is called, "Old Shoes, New Trip". Well, I do buy shoes, but my blog could have been called, "Goes to Italy, but car is a pile of ____". Every time the topic of a new car comes up, the answer is always, "No, lets go to Italy, I can drive it a while longer!"

Today, I said good-bye to the Seabring...on a trade-in. Yes, someone gave me money for the car with only 76,000 miles on it! Click below to see my new baby...





Brad was glad the car I bought 14 years ago was the ONLY thing I traded in today, but I am KEEPING him!

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How cute is that? Now you can be driving a fiat whether you are in Italy or not!
That Brad is definitely a keeper :-)

Sher Jones:

Wow sharp car. You sure deserve it. I drove a bronco for 20 yrs so I could travel, and save money for a new car. Then when I retired I bought a a mini SUV..cash lol, so I can still travel.Would love to see you two in Italy. Good health and happiness to you two. mimi

Congratulations! You look great in your new car!

Denise Curtis:

Congrats, Palma, and Brad, for keeping him! Your new car is beautiful and so cute! It's Italian, why am I not surprised? Keep us posted on how much you like it. We already know how much you like Brad!



Super-cute! Yes, you, Brad, Luigi and the Fiat!!

Is that a new cinquecento???? You are one incredibly lucky gal!


I'm SO jealous -- I long to have my own little Fiat. I drove a 500 like that in Italy last year and loved it!


What a cute car and perfect for when you, Brad and Luigi move to Italy!

So funny and LOVE your new wheels! At first I thought you were talking about Brad (only kidding)! Looks like you may have another 17 gears (Yikes - *years*) of fun ahead.

Shelagh (SJ):

Oh Man... now I'm really envious!!!
I have been going on and on about those cars since I saw them in Italy last year!
My Chrysler dealer has one in the showroom next to where I take my PT Cruiser for service.
I have a little seat in it every time, and dream of when I will get one of my own!!!
Good choice!!!!!
You'll let Brad drive it now and again won't you?!
Oh, and does it have a name....??!

Thanks, everyone!

Shelagh, I have named HER "Bianca".

WOW, I've been eyeing me a RED one! enjoy


You and Bianca are made for each other -- both adorable!


What sweet wheels! Drive safely and enjoy the ride my friend.


Love the new car! Congratulations!

Barb Cabot:

I love it!

Too Cute!! Just a little reminder of Italia everytime you go for a drive. ENJOY!!

Colleen Costello:

Love it!!!! Good luck,Palma.


love the car can hardly wait to see the stripes.congratulations!

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