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Vegas Rocks!

Many of you have heard about our AMAZING weekend in Las Vegas. We took "Bianca", and she got lots of looks, and thumbs up on the freeway, and many comments at red lights and from the Valet parking people. She was quite a hit, and we had a blast driving on the strip with top down blasting Italian pop music!

We got in around 9:30 on Thursday evening, when Brad was the big winner ending up $300 ahead. I lost my $100 daily budget and went to sleep! He gave me $100 as a consolation prize.

Friday, we had a fabulous lunch (more on that later), did some shopping, went to our favorite bar for Happy Hour wine, and had a light dinner at Sugar. We sat outside with a perfect view of the Bellagio water show.


We had a bowl of muscles and a chicken-spinach crepe.



After dinner, we went to our respective "favorite video poker machines" to play. I was doing well and still had most of my credits from the $100 I put in. Brad left the machine next to me to try his luck in another area of the casino. I was dealt three to a Royal Flush, a jack, king and ace of clubs. I threw out the two cards I didn't need, and first saw the 10 of clubs show up, and half an instant later the queen! OMG. Bells were ringing, and my mouth was hanging open! I had a Royal Flush! $1000.00!!!


I immediately cashed out and took my paper voucher to find Brad.


It was a GREAT evening. LOL I gave hime his $100 back!

The next morning, after coffee, we decided to play for a little while before going across the street to look at the flowers in the conservatory and have lunch at the Bellagio. We usually earn enough "points" in a weekend to get another three free room nights for our next visit. This time Brad was sitting next to me. I was dealt the ten, jack, king and ace of clubs. I thought, "What are the chances this could happen again?"
I hit the deal button, and there was that beautiful QUEEN! I broke into a cold sweat. I said, "Brad...look at my screen!" The bells were going off again! I cashed out and put my money in our room safe! I paid for drinks, dinner and Sunday's breakfast, and still brought home the whole $2000 I won! I LOVE the Paris Las Vegas! We'll be back for Thanksgiving!



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Barb Cabot:

OMG! What a huge winning streak! Congrats...wooohoo!


Congratulations, Palma! WOW!!! Sounds like a GREAT weekend!

Wow! Great fun!


How cool! Congratulations!! Money for the Italy fund I am sure... :)

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