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Il Pellicano

While in Italy, I was reading La Bella Lingua, by Dianne Hales. In it, the author mentions what she calls, "the MOST romantic resort in Italy". It was only an hour's drive, so we decided to check it out and go to Il Pellicano for lunch. I called for a lunch reservation, and was told that reservations were booked for ALL tables at the terrace restaurant, and that the dining room was only open for dinner. When I said we brought groups to Italy, and wanted to check out the property, the person I spoke with suggested we come for coffee or a drink at the bar. We decided we could find another place for lunch, but still wanted to see Il Pellicano, so off we went.

We arrived at Porto Ercole around noon. It is a pretty little town with several hotels and apartments overlooking the water.



We continued on, following the discreet sign and our GPS towards Il Pellicano. Soon we arrived at gates, and after a few moments followed a big Mercedes in and went to self parking. The parking lot looked like a high-end foreign car dealership full of Masarati, Ferrari and Mercedes. There was one new little Fiat Cinquecento, and our rental station wagon. We walked to the entrance of the hotel.



As soon as we entered, the front desk woman and a man in a suit, approached us, asking if they could help us. (Apparently, they knew all guests by sight, and we couldn't just walk in and head to a bar.) I explained that I had called for a lunch reservation, was told they were full, and that the person on the phone suggested we come for a drink. They guy in the suit, escorted us outside, down a couple flights of stone steps to an outdoor bar by the pool. He brought us directly to the waiter on duty, asking him to "take care of us". Let me also add that we were dressed appropriately for this hotel. Brad was in slacks and a long sleeved dress shirt, and I wore slacks, and a glitzy top, with nice accessories. (NOT that this should matter...)




The pool and view were lovely. Brad ordered a glass of wine, and I had a cafe latte. (18 euro)



After about ten or fifteen minutes, a head waiter approached our table, and said, "I was told you had inquired about a lunch reservation. It seems we have had some cancellations, so we will be able to seat you. Come over to the restaurant whenever you would like." Hmmmmmmm. We could see the EMPTY restaurant from where we were sitting, so apparently we had been screened, and we passed inspection. Have to keep out the riff-raff, I guess!

We wandered over to the edge of the pool to see more of the view. The resort is lovely, with large suites spread up and across the hillside.


Below the pool, is a lovely private beach for guests:


OR private yachts...


People were swimming in the clear aqua water:


It was almost 1:30, so we walked up the steps to the restaurant for lunch. The view from our table was lovely.



They must have had a LOT of cancellations. LOL Glad they could "squeeze us in".


We had ravioli, bucatini carbonara, and a bottle of wine. (80 euro)



Finally, before leaving we wandered, (unescorted) through the lobby and lobby bar.
I thought about asking to see a guest room, but decided at around 1000 euro a night, it really didn't matter anyway! I still think the Il San Pietro in Positano is the most romantic hotel in Italy!





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Donna in SF:

It's a beautiful place, for sure! But snootiness doesn't equate to romantic in my book!

Barb Cabot:

Nice to see the photos and to hear of your experience. Thanks for sharing the lovely views. I will probably never get the chance to see them up close and personal so this was a great birds eye view.

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