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Photo Hunt: SURPRISE

It is a season full of surprises: Pretty presents under the tree, cookies from a neighbor by the front door, deliveries from UPS, packages in the mailbox, cards from an old friend, etc.

The other day, I got quite a lovely surprise. In my mailbox, was a package from a town in New Jersey, and the return address a name I didn't know. I opened the shipping box, and there was a small white box with a red ribbon, and Italian writing. There was also a note:

"Dear Palma,

I have been a loyal follower of your blog for years now, and this is finally the year to thank you.

You have made me smile on dark days, made my friends and family think I can cook, inspired me to keep the crazy traveling, and helped me to be forever grateful for my husband!

God bless you this season and always, Palma! Please accept my small gift.



Inside the box was a beautiful Italian ceramic ornament for our Italy tree (made by Rampini, like my dishes...)


OMG! I had tears in my eyes. I have no idea who reads my blog. I get a weekly report with numbers of views, but I will admit there are days I wonder, "Why do I do this? No one cares." Sometimes I have nothing to say, or haven't cooked anything new or done anything memorable, but I don't usually go to bed without a blog post scheduled to post at 5 something the next morning (for my east coast and Italian readers). Sometimes, it takes me over an hour to download photos, and post them one at a time. Sometimes, I will type a LONG recipe with photos of each step of the process. If I go two or three days without a comment, I wonder if anybody is reading my posts. Sometimes I get too busy to leave a comment or even look at my friends' blogs for several days, and realize, they don't know I saw their blogs either.

Cynthia, you MADE MY DAY! Mille Grazie for a very special gift, and beautiful and inspiring note. I guess I will keep blogging!

To all my readers, Happy Holidays, and Buon Natale!

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What a nice surprise!
We are looking... not always taking the time to comment. It's the same at my house :-)


Well Palma....I don't comment often, but I do read your blog every day! I look forward to it each and every day....it is must with my coffee in the morning.

I've tried many of your recipes for dinner parties and have never been disappointed and I thank you very much for that. Your blog is often the first place I go when looking for a recipe.

A very Merry Christmas to you and Brad and Luigi, of course. I hope you now have some time to sit back, have a glass of wine or two and enjoy all the hard work cooking, baking and decorating that you've been so busy with.



If you promise to keep blogging I'll promise to try to comment more often. I do read your blog every day my friend, but the 'comments' stay in my head!!

Have a wonderful Christmas, love to you both.

Palma, please don't ever think about quitting your blog. I don't comment very much, however, I read and look forward to your blog each and every day. Have a great holiday!

Susan from Virginia:

Palma, I wish I had been clever enough to have sent you a thank you gift! I have been reading your blog for over one year now. I found your blog by sheer luck -- I did a google search for 'cucina kitchen sign' and up came a picture of your kitchen. The rest is history!

Like you, I have an Italian mother (born and raised in Trieste) who has passed on her love of Italia to me. I have made so many of your recipes (the pasta with sausage is my favorite), researched many of the places you've visited, and dreamed of going on one of your trips! I've been too timid to comment on your blogs because I thought I'd come across as a stalker or some sort of creep. So, today's blog was a great segue for me. I wish you, Brad, and Luigi a Merry Christmas, er, Buon Natale. Grazie mille for your beautiful, informative, and upbeat blog!



Palma, never stop blogging. I open you page everyday in hopes of a new post. I so enjoy reading it.
Thank you and Buon Natale.

I can see that all of the lovely comments above have probably made you shed another tear or two.

See - we do read your blog and appreciate the effort you make each and every day!

Merry Christmas from one of your daily readers!

Palma, I read your blog each and every day! I comment every so often, but maybe not often enough!

Keep blogging and Buon Natale to you, Brad and Luigi. Auguri!


As the others have also mentioned, I too look forward to reading your blog everyday. Of the list of blogs that I read and it's a long list, yours is the only one that I know will have a daily post.

I too don't comment often but rest assured I've printed off dozens of recipes from your blog and you've been a HUGE help in posting your holiday cookie recipes. They've been great.

Keep posting, you're touching a lot of lives.

Buon Anno,

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