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Have YOU Read This?


Originally self-published by the author, William P. Young, over 15 million copies have been sold! It has created controversy in religious circles, and had thousands of reviews written. (4,849 on Amazon) It's average "score" is 4 out of 5 stars. I didn't know what all the fuss was about, or much about the book at all until last week when I read it.

It had a HUGE impact on me! Brad read it when I was finished, and now he is re-reading and highlighting sections.

Please remember that this is FICTION, but thought-provoking.

The story takes place in Oregon, where the main character, Mack's, daughter is abducted on a family camping trip. Evidence finds she has been murdered at a rural shack. 4 years later, Mack gets a note in his mailbox, inviting him back to "the shack" for the weekend, apparently written by "God". He goes, and spends the weekend with three fascinating characters who represent the trinity.

I won't say more, but I am REALLY glad I read this book. I think anyone, regardless of religion (or lack of), or belief system would find something to think about, or at least find fuel for an interesting discussion.

Have you read it? What did YOU think?

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I just went over to Amazon and ordered the book. I also read a couple of the reviews - one favorable and one unfavorable. Boy, there are really some strong feelings on both sides!

Yes, I've read it and all I can say is WOW. It does make an impact if for no other reason to make you stop and think and go through the emotions that the characters are going through. It is a book that you will be thinking about and discussing with others long after you've read the last page.

There are many times in the book that I wanted to step through the written page and be lying on the boat dock looking up at the stars or being in the presence of the 3 'characters'. Honestly, just the good parts, but to experience them. I loved it but it's not a 'light' read, very emotional.

I wish I had highlighted while I was reading, good reason to go back and read again.

Let me know what you think, Nancy!

Linda, I agree. I wanted to be there too. What an amazing story. I've been talking about it to everyone who has read it. It made me think a LOT, and even change a couple of things in my own life/relationships. I cried at least four times, and laughed a lot too.


You've piqued my interest with this book. I think it's next!


this is weird i sorta stumbled upon ur blog awhile ago,&fell in love w/ur recipes through google..&i'm not a slow traveler it just came up when i was lookin for a recipe on google.. anyways, i asked my aunt abt this book cuz she reads books like this,&she started cryin she said it made her think of her son caleb that died, he was deformed had a lot of problems, he died right after his 1st bday he was all smiles his whole short life, smiled more than ppl that had minor problems.. my brother gavin was born the day after caleb died, gavin is 15yrs old severly autistic, i take care of him..im just happy i stumbled upon ur blog&this book i bought it today.. and i think ur blog is awesome even if i mostly use it to steal ur recipes :)

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