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The $160 cup of Coffee

Thanks to those of you who wrote or commented yesterday with concern. I am FINE! When I said I had a tough couple of days, I was referring to an "expensive little incident".

On Mondays, I facilitate a group for middle school kids who have experienced trauma. As some of you know, I drink coffee, pretty constantly, all day. I never leave home without a travel cup. I have several, but this is the one I use most, because it has a very tight lid.


I left my group, and was in a hurry to speak to one student's mom when she picked him up. I had a lot to carry down a flight of stairs, two arms full. So I put my coffee cup in my purse. I THOUGHT I had snapped the lid shut. I spoke to the parent, went to my car, and left the parking lot. A block later, I stuck my hand in my purse to grab my cigarette case, and found it filled with coffee. My i-Phone was somewhere at the bottom...submerged. I fished it out, dried it on my pants, and then the screen went black.

I drove directly to the Apple store. They were packed. It was almost 5p.m., and their next available appointment was Tuesday at 1:00. I took the appointment time, but was lost without my phone!

I checked my status online for jury duty, and had to report Tuesday at 7:30 a.m.. I was there ALL day for jury selection, so I had to cancel my appointment at the Apple store. I rescheduled for 6:50 p.m.. The jury duty REALLY complicated the fact that I had no phone. I needed to cancel several hours of supervision with my interns, and several friends panicked when I couldn't be reached and wasn't answering calls or texts for 24 hours. I rushed home from the courthouse to see a 5:30 client, then made it to the Apple store at 6:45. They were an HOUR behind, and close at 8:00. At 7:45, I swapped my dead phone for a new one, and was once again connected. That little coffee spill cost me $160. Luckily, Brad had backed up my phone a few months ago, so I was able to restore my contact list, and all my apps!


Did I take my coffee cup this morning? You bet! I promise to use those little phone pockets in my purses from now on.

More on my jury duty experience tomorrow!

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Well thank goodness it was 'only' a financial upset. I worried about you yesterday.

Did you know that you can sometimes dry out a cell phone by putting it into a ziplock bag with silica gel?


See what happens when you stop even for ONE day? We all made comments BECAUSE we love you & were worried. (we DO care, just dont always let you know until you ARENT there) But, such FAB news you were completely "restored" by Brad! See you this weekend!

Barb Cabot:

Could not go to bed without checking in to see how things are going. Whew...glad you clarified. It was a hard day but good to know things are okay. Brad again proves invaluable!


Hate to say that I am glad to hear about your expensive cup of coffee & phone problems, but I am!

Was the coffee worth it? *smile*


Thats something that would of happened to me. In fact i think it has!
Where can I find That Italian screen saver for my iPhone?


You can find the i-Phone (or laptop or i-Pad) stickers at gelaskins.com. Then they give you the free wallpaper of the flag.

Oh Palma! How horrible! You must have freaked when you found your iPhone submerged! I know I would have. I am surprised it was only (and not really only but only in the sense that it wasn't more) $160.

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