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Luigi's Adventure

I need a HAIRCUT!


You can't see my face!


We took Luigi to the groomer on Saturday, and THIS is the dog we picked up!


You can see his face, but now he looks like a poodle instead of a furry, cuddly mutt. I prefer him half way in-between!


After the groomer, we made a stop at a mall. I went into one store, and Brad and Luigi went next door to Petco. Right after I entered, Luigi was looking for me (still a Mommy's boy), and squirmed out of his collar. We hadn't tightened it to make up for all the hair that was no longer there! We took off into the parking lot with Brad yelling at him to come back. At least 15 people who were in the parking lot tried to catch him, including two Petco employees who heard the commotion. Everyone chased him for 20 minutes, as he got farther away from the stores where we started. Cars were kind enough to slow down and drive cautiously. Brad and the two Petco staff finally cornered him behind the last store in the parking lot! I knew nothing about it, and was happily shopping, until Luigi was safely back on his leash (tightened)! Think he didn't like going to the groomer?

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What a handsome boy! I bet he feels much cooler without all of that hair.

I can just imagine Brad chasing him through the parking lot - OH NO!


Wow he sure doesn't look like Luigi! I'm sure his hair will grow quickly but I think I like him with bangs and the shaggy dog in between look like you said. That was some adventure for Brad. Must've been the errands you were talking about on the phone!LOL

What a naughty boy! I think he looks cute!!

Susie L:

He looks kind of mad at you in the after photos! He is adorable in any case.

OMG! Luigi is keeping both you and Brad on your toes. I can just see Brad chasing after him in the parking lot! So scary!

I too prefer the shaggy look to the poodle look. But he is beautiful in any case.


I was pretty sure you DID pick up the wrong dog until I read about the "Great Escape"..........loved it & soooo "Luigi". He's just too cute!


He's very handsome post-haircut (but what an adventure!)

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