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Another Luigi Adventure

It was about 7:45 a.m.. I was out on my patio, and had just finished a second cup of coffee and a phone conversation with Ida. Luigi came running around from the side of the house with a dead bird in his mouth. Earlier that morning, Brad heard a huge noise as something hit a window. I'm hoping that's how the bird died, as Luigi is not a hunter! He completely ignores the bunnies he sees every night on walks, and is only annoyed by flies.

I asked him to "DROP IT!" He dropped it, but when I reached for Luigi, he decided to make the bird a game of chase. After a couple laps around the pool, I got louder and louder. the bird's body was not holding up well. I tried a calm, firm voice, but Luigi was having none of it, and soon, I was screaming "Luigi, NO!!!" at the top of my lungs.
Neighbors came to the wall to see if I was OK.

Finally, Luigi stopped the chase game he was winning, and defiantly chewed and swallowed the whole bird. A few feathers fell at his feet, and he lapped those up too.

It was now 8:00 a.m., and I put him in his crate while leaving a message for our vet.
The vet called back at 8:30 and began by asking if we were giving Luigi enough kibble, or did he need to supplement his diet with some protein? She said to go get some Pepto Bismol and give him a half capful three times a day.

I returned from the store, and put the PB in a bowl, pretending to eat some with a spoon. Of course he wanted what I had. I put the bowl on the floor as if it was melted strawberry ice cream, and he came running over. One lick and he walked away, wanting none of this stuff. Next I tried dipping a small piece of bread in it. He took the piece, then spit it out. NO PINK BREAD! A few bites of bread later, he acquired a taste for the Pepto Bismol "dip", and so it went for three days. There was NO KISSING MOMMY, until he had been swimming so many times, I figured the bird cooties were all gone.


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I found a small bird safely tucked away under the dining room table, probably intended to be a midnight snack. Such a disappointment for our furbaby.

OMG, I would have freaked out! Luigi looks very charming posing with his bottle of Pepto.

Happy belated birthday!

OMG is right! Luigi has a mind of his own, doesn't he? I need to meet him one of these days.

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