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Basta! Terremoto!

We felt the 5.8 earthquake during our visit to the Parmigiano Casificio in Reggio-Emilia this morning. We were in the room where the parmigiani are dipped in salted water. The huge flat troughs of water were still. Then, they sloshed with waves, and we knew it was an earthquake for about 30 seconds. We were evacuated from the building by the "Big Cheese" to make sure everything was safe in the room where the parmigiano is stored on walls of floor to ceiling wooden shelves. 44 Kilos would NOT be good on your head. We were back inside in less than 5 minutes.

Our next stop was in the Ferrari Museum in Maranello. We had been there about 40 minutes, and were evacuated, as a safety precaution. We were done anyway, and got a full refund.

Finally, at lunch Hosteria Giusti in Modena, we had JUST sat down and gotten water and menus when things started rocking. We didn't hesitate to run outside into the street (through the salamuria with swinging proscuitti overhead). We waited for another 10-15 minutes before going back inside for our wonderful meal. It was a little more excitement than we had planned for our group today.

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Oh Palma, how scary! I would be really freaked out right now. It is so sad to read about more deaths and damage in Italy. Please stay safe!

Glad to hear that you, Brad and your guests are fine. I was thinking about you when I heard the news. Stay safe!

So glad to hear that you and Brad and your group are OK.

Lisa Baskin:

I'm thinking of you today and hoping you and Brad stay safe.


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