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Sister Weekend in Vegas

We had a BLAST! Connie and Joy and I spent a fabulous weekend in Las Vegas celebrating my May 60th birthday in July! There was lots of gambling, shopping, good food and wine and tons of laughter. If you airbrush out a few wrinkles, we haven't changed a bit in 42 years! Alpha Xi sisters still know how to party!

Here are some highlights:







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Brad'll Do It:

What a good-looking bunch, and they're smart and funny! Wish I'd've been there... but you pro'ly wouldn't have had as much fun.


Sittin' at my computer feeling SO blessed that I have had these "sisters" in my life for 42 years!!!! What a fabulous weekend.

See... We've been 'sisters' all along!
Fuzzie Love

I've tagged you in a special blog challenge. Come see~

Barb Cabot:

The Sisterhood reigns supreme. Looks like a fabulous time! Happy Birthday all year long to you Palma!

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