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A Teen Party

Sunday, we hosted a party where Federico met a few teen friends. Brad barbecued burgers for 6 kids and the 7 adults stayed inside with the AC. He held court in the pool, and ALL of us had a great time. School starts in a week, and it is nice that he already has a few new friends.













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So glad to see him with kids his age. The quicker he makes real friends the more normal he will feel. Just keep feeding them and they'll keep coming back!! (probably even after he leaves)

Like I said before-what a lucky guy that Federico is!" and there are the lovely girls in the pool already!

What a nice thing to do for Federico. The food looks great.

Is he nervous about starting school?


And so it begins.........the first of many more to come. Teenagers & Food & Friendships=A full backyard and
pool. Love it!!!!

susan from virginia:

Palma, Can I be a foreign exchange student at your home, too? Does it matter that I'm 50-something, have two boys, and live in the U.S?!

Seriously, everything looks so nice! I hope he has a fantastic year because this is such an impressionable time in his life. I remember going to Italy when I was his age (and younger). To this day, I have a love and respect for Italy! I hope Frederico has the same experience!



The BBQ was a great idea. I doubt, though, that Federico will have any difficulty making friends! As Jo said, just keep feeding them! I am sure that they appreciated the food.


Come on over! However, others over 50 have also asked, so we may need to start a waiting list. LOL

Cathy Butero:

What a great idea! Offer food and they will come! Now Federico will know some friends when he begins school and that is half the battle! I hope his parents are following your blog!

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