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At the Movies

Saturday, we went to the movies. Brad and Federico went into one theater to watch the Bourne Legacy, and I went into another to see:


The Odd Life of Timothy Green is about a childless couple who after years of trying to have a baby, finally give up their hopes. They write all the qualities they would want in a child on slips of paper, and bury their dream in a box in their garden. On a stormy night, Timothy arrives in their life. He calls them Mom and Dad, and appears to be a wonderful child, but...he has LEAVES on his legs.

Spoiler alert!!! As the seasons change, so do Timothy's leaves. They turn colors, and one-by-one fall off until only one remains. When that is gone...well, you can imagine that what happens is very sad. It IS a Disney movie, so there is a happy ending.

I was a BASKET CASE, sobbing like a crazy person in the theater well through the credits. I saw it as a metaphor for our year with Federico, that will eventually end next June. I went to the ladies room, washed my mascara-lined face, and cried some more.
I went outside (their movie was longer), and TRIED to stop crying, telling myself that at the end of OUR year, Federico will not disappear, just return to Italy. We go to Italy twice a year and we WILL see him again!. I told myself I was being ridiculous, and that he has just been here two weeks. We are NOT at the end of our story.

I met Brad and Federico at Starbucks, and Federico treated Brad to ice cream, while I had coffee. They told me about the Bourne movie, and I told them about Timothy Green, getting teary again. Federico was very sweet, comforting me by talking about all the places we would go together when we visit Pescara, or his grandparent's house in Puglia.

Every day is joyful at our house! We have WONDERFUL talks, discussing philosophy, religion, differences in culture, movies, alcohol, food, travel, and an endless number of topics! Each day is a blessing.

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NEVER look to June as being the end! This world is one new beginning after another.

Denise Curtis:


You and Brad were so lucky to host such a wonderful and caring young man!!!!


Barb Cabot:

Every time I come to your blog I read with such enthusiasm and such joy. You make me cry too. I know this is all the beginning of a lifetime of love and friendship and family connections that will continue to blossom with time. My heart is so happy for all of you.

Anne Mendez:

I just came home from a weekend visit with an exchange student that we hosted in our family's home in 1975-1976. The family bonds that form in the year you have together go on for a lifetime. Here we are 36 years later and we have many more years that we will still be "family" -- all because my parents opened their home to an exchange student.

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