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Mom Moments

I know we are in the honeymoon stage, but I am enjoying every minute. Federico has spent each day with me, (between clients, intern supervision and work commitments), and has been a dream kid so far. I know there is a devilish glint in those big brown eyes, and there will be bumps ahead, but for now all is almost too good to be true. We is very open and communicative. We have discussed the benefits and downside to being an "only child". I have asked him to tell me if I get too smothering or clingy, and soon he will have teen friends, school, sports, etc. and we will not have nearly as much time together. He is neat as a pin, cleans up after himself, and is becoming comfortable with the household patterns. He makes his own caffe latte in the morning, wipes up crumbs, and puts everything rinsed into the dishwasher. He fixes his own sandwich for lunch, and has stopped asking if he can go swimming, or have water or a cookie. He is generous with affection, appreciation and hugs. (I am a tub of melted butter...)

We spent much of yesterday running around the bureaucracy of high school enrollment in our school district, with TWO trips to the high school, one to the school district, and one visit to CVS pharmacy for a required whooping cough vaccine. I swear it hurt my arm when he got the shot! Today I am dropping off all the completed forms on my way to work while he sleeps in!

It has been amusing to watch girls AND "Cougar" women in their 40s (or 50s, as in Palm Desert 80% of women have been "done" with multiple plastic surgery procedures) stop dead in their tracks with double-takes, or stop to flirt with him. We met a mom at the school district who overheard me speaking Italian quietly to him while waiting, and barged in saying she lived in Italy for 10 years and was an actress on the old TV show Beautiful. She was a piece of work with her 10-y.o. daughter present. Then I explained the movie The Graduate and who "Mrs. Robinson" was! I keep telling him I will be carrying a baseball bat to "protect" him from the aggressive "slutty" females. We had a lesson in teen slang words from "gross" and "cool", "bad" and "dope" to the more X-rated terminology... Three teen girls in Target almost walked into a wall when they stopped mid-step to do a double-take, and then giggled OMG!

I asked Federico if it was easy to find girlfriends in Italy. He said, " You have to work at it! You talk to them, be a gentleman, then invite them for gelato, then take them out for pizza, and if it is still going well, then you take them to dinner at a nicer restaurant to impress them."

I told him all he will have to do here is BREATHE. He laughed and thought about it for a few minutes in the car, and then said, "Maybe an American girl will offer ME a pizza." LOL

I said, "They will be offering you much more than pizza!" He said, "What you mean?" He eventually "got it" and blushed profusely. Make that a baseball bat and a stun gun!

I burst into tears of joy each night in bed, overwhelmed with "Mom happiness". Brad is doing well bonding over sports and car talk, and is learning to check for understanding of his 5-syllable vocabulary when he gets a blank look or if Federico looks to me for Italian translation! Federico's mother told me on Skype that if he ever misbehaves or does something we don't like to do two things: 1. smack him 2. call her. LOL

I'm off to work, and I gave Federico a day off from photos, so here is all I have. Luigi is LOVING his new friend!


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Lisa Baskin:

You are so funny! I'm glad you're enjoying this new adventure.



I am as happy hearing your wonderful stories as you are for being a "first time Mom & Dad". It IS awesome & you guys already make a darling family....Luigi and all. =)

ring stafford:

hi Palma! Looks like you are going to have a lively school year - you may need a taser. Looking forward to Federico's adventures in Palm Springs.

Barb Cabot:

(I am a tub of melted butter...) lol
I am enjoying your happiness and I know you are really really in a state of bliss. What more could one mother wish for another! Thanks for sharing. He seems to be as tender-hearted and good on the inside as he is handsome and dashing on the outside. Really you will need that stun gun in the Fall if not before.


...agressive "slutty" females... HAHAHAHA!!!! You're absolutely a mom!

Palma I'm so glad things are going so well. Yes, it's still the honeymoon phase but he sounds like a nice young man and I'm sure he won't get too off course.

I cringe to think of the girls and their behavior; your line of defense (bat & stun gun) sound right in line. I say 'whatever it takes'!

Fredrico's mother sounds wonderful.

The ppol must be a nice relief for him seeing it's been so hot. It's 113 here in Phoenix, AZ this week, yuck.

Cathy Butero:

I am weeping tears of joy for you, MomPalma!

Kathy Landini:

As much as I have enjoyed your blogs through the years and looked forward to reading about your experiences with cooking, travel, crafting and organization,your current blogs have me excited to check in each morning. As with others, I find myself with tears in my eyes as I can feel the joy you are experiencing. I'm so happy for you and Brad that you get to add this experience as "parents". It seems to be a win-win situation for all of you. Can't wait to see how the year unfolds!!

Denise Curtis:

I'm so glad everyone is having such a great time! You have always been a mom at heart, now you can experience it first hand. You will always be Federico's parents. Keep an eye out for those girls, young and old!

Palma: It's heartwarming to read your thoughtful posts. I can feel the attachments being made already. Hope they will be lifelong and full of wonderful memories for what appears a special relationship.

wendy and Rob Mari:

Palma, we are both so happy for all of you, Luigi included. These first days are just that, the first of many. Enjoy each and every one.
I agree, bat and stun gun are good and practical defenses against the hordes of desert/desperate woman/girls. I mean how can they not be with Federico right there for them to drool over.
Continued good luck

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