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The New Routine


We've been busy getting ready for school to start on August 27. Thursday is registration, next week Federico has an appointment with his counselor to choose classes and take an English exam to determine which English class he will be in. Though he is a Senior here, he will have one more year to complete high school in Italy. He brought a huge Greek text book to keep up on his school's assignments via Facebook. He plans on taking English, U.S. Government (better during an election year), Latin (to keep up), P.E., and two electives. (possibly a math class)

Yesterday, he had a sports physical, and hopes to play soccer (winter sport) and swimming in the spring. As we speak, he is hosing off an old pool raft to use as a mat for sit-ups.

He learned last week, that if you want to run in the summer in the desert, you better go early in the morning, before it hits 100 degrees. We now have a new motivational exercise deal going that we began yesterday. I get up with Brad at 5:15. At 6:15, Luigi and I walk three laps around Venezia (our gated community) 1.5 miles. At 7:00, I wake up Federico, and he goes running. After his shower, we have coffee. If I don't walk, I have to do one of his chores (feed Luigi, or take out the trash). If he doesn't run, he does the dishes after dinner.

He is VERY neat. He picks up after himself, makes his bed, keeps his room/bathroom neat, hangs up towels and beach towels, clears plates, rinses them and puts dishes/glasses in the dishwasher, and offers to help with food preparation. If I am working, he fixes his own breakfast or lunch. He offers help with other tasks, and unloads groceries.

I am loving every second of this. My heart is bursting with love for this kid, and I am feeling like there is a new baby in the family. He is adorable when he falls asleep on the couch or in the back seat. Yes, I am still a big tub of mush. Tonight we are having over a neighbor family with a teenage daughter who goes to his high school, and Sunday a teen swim party with 7 kids I have scraped up through friends. Let the games (and girls) begin!

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You don't often see Norwich University tee shirts. Both my nephew and his wife went to college there and received their Master's as well. It's a beautiful campus. Was he there on a tour?

Have fun at the pool party and good luck keeping women of all ages away from your new baby! LOL.

I love the motivational exercise deal!

I can't wait to hear about the pool party, should be interesting! It is really nice that you are finding some kids for him to hang with.

Mindy, before coming to CA he attended a 2-week "Culture Orientation" camp in Vermont. They did some field trips around Boston.

cathy b:

palma, You are quickly finding your mom-stride, and you are adapting beautifully! What a wonderful adventure for all!

Love the exercise motivation and the fact that he's exercising and being active and not planting himself in front of th TV, another cultural differnce??

Girls & pool party ~ you have your mace and other defence mechanisms ready, right??

Have fun, let th party begin!


I just love reading your daily adventures; and I'm so happy that you are loving being a Mum to Federico.
Let's not forget Brad too, who I'm sure is thrilled that so far F. is such an easy fellow to have around!
You will be having a waiting list of Italian kids for the next forty years wanting to come to live with you both! ;)


Can I borrow Federico one day a week so that he could teach Les how to do all of those things? I will pay him whatever he demands as long as it works? Hello to him from his auntie Jan.

Sounds like a wonderful school year! Enjoy!

Barb Cabot:

Loving every moment that you post. You are a great mom and he sounds like a wonderful thoughtful son.

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