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Bullying: The Food

My presentation for Catholic Charities "Call to Care" Program on "Bullying" last night went well. We discussed all the types of bullying in children and teens as well as adult bullying in relationships and in the workplace. We discussed warning signs that your child is BEING bullied or IS a bully. We discussed what steps local schools have taken to deal with the problem, and what WE can all do to help.
My audience shared their own examples of being bullied, and one brave gentleman came because he has been told he IS a bully, and wants to learn how to change that!

The evening was a success, but the highlight was the FOOD I served!

Wonton cups filled with parmigiano chicken salad
Fruit with Kahlua fruit dip
Roast Beef and turkey rolled sandwiches
Zucchini -lemon muffins with strawberries
Gooey Toffee Bars and Peanut Butter Brownies






Actually, this was HALF the food, as Senorina, one of my interns, did the same topic in Spanish in Indio, and she had the same five trays!

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You never cease to amaze me! The food looks wonderful and you've spoiled them for "costco" catering.


All I can say is WOW!!!
The desserts especially look amazing to sweet tooth me! Hearing from you about the preparation of this stuff all week was one thing but to now actually see it as a finished product is totally another. This truly was labor intensive and I'm not sure I would/ could do it!

Susan from Virginia:

I'm adding my "WOW" to the reactions! And I agree with the Costco comment--I think if I eat one more Costco wrap I'll keel over! I'm going to remember this post the next time I have a get-together and need to feed a large group of people. Thank you, Palma!


Incredible spread, as usual. And for a great cause, too!

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