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Mom Update

I'm thinking the honeymoon should be over after 6 1/2 weeks, but I am still as happy as a pig in mud with Federico!

Bragging time: He has gotten an A on EVERY single assignment, quiz and test since the first week of school, and continues to manage homework and assignments in six solid subjects.


Tuesday night, Federico and Brad went to "Father-Son Night" at school. It turned out to a a plea for volunteer parents to direct traffic in the school parking lots of walk around campus with a radio as extra security. They served what Federico thought was "inedible pizza" (which he deposited in the trash), and were home in 45 minutes for a "good dinner". A for effort!

Last week, Federico wrote a wonderful essay for his English class about "the influences that made you the person you are today". He wrote about his family, and how proud he is of them, and how happy it makes him to make them proud of him too. He wrote about why he is a good student, studies hard, follows rules, stays out of trouble, and is respectful making sure he represents his family's values. He also wrote about his culture, and how proud he is of being Italian. He feels like during his stay in the U.S., he is "an ambassador of Italy". After turning in his essay, during one of our after dinner talks, he told me he also always wants to make ME proud of him. He looks forward to calling me to tell me where he is going to university, and someday calling to tell me, "Palma, I am an attorney, or maybe even a Psychologist!"

Federico has made some nice friends, and his social life is improving. We are very proud of him!

I love our evening talks, our drives to and from school, homework time and when he watches TV or a movie with us. I love dinner time conversations. I love having Federico here! Yes, I still cry happy tears, and am often "a big tub of melted butter".

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Brought a tear to my eye.

Barb Cabot:

There is no reason for the honeymoon to ever be over. You make me cry! I love you all together as a family.


So happy that this experience has been so good for each of you! Does he have younger brothers and sisters? This could be the beginning of an extended family.

Jo, he has a 6 and almost 19 y.o. brother. They will both be here during the holidays with his parents.

All three of you should be commended for such great examples that you are setting.

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