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Share a Coke

I am a Diet Pespsi fan, BUT, ff you haven't seen this yet, enjoy the creativity and vision of these students! They are awesome!

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susan from virginia:

So cool!

My son actually built something very similar for a high school science competition called 'Science Olympiads'. His project was much smaller, as a matter of fact, it had to fit in a small box. But if I recall correctly, he won first place and his team won the state championship! He's now an engineering student at the University of Virginia. The team was full of wonderful kids and I'm sure they're our future doctors, scientists, and engineers. My cheer at our competitions was 'Go Nerds'!

Robert Santa Monica:

An over-caffeinated, commercial rip-off of Fischcli & Weiss's brilliant 30-minute The Way Things Go; here is a snippet:


Entire thing on YouTube.

Yrs, Robert

Brad Hansen:

I just laughed out loud watching this, and the end when they offer Cokes is fun as well. There's hope for creativity in our next generation!


LOVE it! Thanks for sharing.

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