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Staying Positive

Sometimes life sucks. It has been a hell of a week.

I'll start small. Federico had a cold. I had three crowns put on, and the dermatologist zapped off much of my face. I looked like raw hamburger at first, but have healed to over 20 brown scabs...NOT attractive.

Last Thursday, Brad was laid off from his job. He was given 5 weeks severance and 2 weeks vacation pay. We can get a Cobra for health care. He has been busy applying for jobs and unemployment. I am trying to increase my hours of work.

We are trying to stay positive. We've had a week to deal with anger, crying (me) and panic.

The good news?

There ARE a few jobs out there.

We are still going to Italy for Christmas, as that was completely paid for.

Everyone laughed at me when I had my Christmas shopping done, and almost all presents wrapped by Halloween. Thank God! Christmas will happen.

We'll be OK for a couple of months.

We are going off to Escondido after school today for an Air Force-San Diego football game this weekend, and getting together with Jane, Ken and Casey for the boys to meet. I will get to spend the weekend with our Godchildren Casey, Sarah, Noah and Gabe.

I'm taking a few days off my blog. I am looking forward to a rainy weekend with friends and loved ones. We are trying to stay positive. I'll be back next week!

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Stay positive-you have so many great things in your life. It's a hard time for so many of us. Italy is in your near future and that's a wonderful thing to focus on!

I've been thinking about you and sending positive thoughts your way.

Try not to stress too much - things WILL get better!


Dear Palma,
I read your blog for almost 2 yars now and I admire you and your family very much. You allways inspire me and make my days beautiful.
I know that is a difficult time, but please stay calm, think positive and be optimistic as I know you. Everything will be better in the end.
Big hug for you and wish you and Brad all the best from Romania, the litlle sister of Italy:)

Kind regads,

Barb Cabot:

Palma it's good and important to stay positive. I love what Iulia has posted. You see how you've been such a positive influence on so many people..those who know and love you and those that are just inspired virtually by all you do for others. I am so glad you will be spending the weekend with loved ones and so happy Federico and Casey will get to meet. I know they'll be some italian spoken for sure. You are especially in my prayers these days. I am thinking the most positive thoughts for Brad's new career paths. things will all get resolved. Sending you buckets of light and love and huge hugs. We are all in this together and isn't the journey with all its ups and downs so much better with all our friends. We are with you. Remember that.

My goodness - definitely has not been a good month. We are there for you to lean on and to talk it out.

Best of luck to Brad, I know it is hard having been through a couple of recent job hunting. It was my choice originally to leave my job so it is a different situation but I know what it is like to look, apply, and go through the whole process. Network - Network - Network. That is how the majority of jobs are found today. But there are some exceptions. I found my recent job off an internet job board. It has worked out well for me (working from home) and luck may shine on Brad also.

Thinking of you.

Cara Palma, just read this and feel so badly for you and Brad. It was such a relief when he got the job closer to home. Know that my thoughts are with you. It's good to know that there are available jobs and I am sure that Brad is a good salesman for himself which, along with networking, is what it takes. Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow.

Robert Santa Monica:

Bad week, indeed! Hug Brad, hug Federico, hug Luigi. Remember that your blog friends are thinking of you.

Yrs, Robert


Couldn't say it any better than the previous commenters. Hang in there Palma and keep your chin up! Things always work out and we are here praying for you!!

Dear Palma, I am so sorry to learn that life has handed you a s**t sandwich. Even though I have never met you (although hope to someday), you and Brad strike me as wonderfully optimistic, happy, can-do people and I have a great deal of admiration for you both.

I remember how panicky I was when my husband lost his job. Then the company I had worked for for 15 years shut down. It was a very dark time for us, but things did get better. Oh yeah, almost forgot about his heart attack during all of this...bleach!

This tough time will pass, hopefully sooner than expected. In the meantime, you have one another, Federico and Luigi. You also have lots of friends and admirers in cyber-space. And thank goodness you are still taking your Italy trip! Take care of yourself and know that many, many people are rooting for you!

Many hugs to you Carissima!


Dearest Palma, You are the most positive person I have actually never met! :-) I am a loyal reader of your blog and your optimism and light are what bring me back each day. If anyone at all knows how to make lemonade out of lemons, it's you! I hope that this time passes quickly for all of you and that you will be on more secure ground very soon. Sending tons of positive wishes your way and a huge virtual hug. Enjoy your time off blogging and breathe in your special family and friends this weekend. xo

sharron Jones:

Pam, I am so sorry to hear about Brad. It seems that there are going to be lots and lots of lay off now that the election is over with. I think they held back until election was finished. But it also seems like a lot of companies lay off just before Christmas, which I have never understood? May God shine down on your family.You sure have done enough good to deserve it.
Have fun this wek end Hugs Sher

Yes indeedy (did I really type THAT?) life sucks at times. I hate that uncertainty that comes with a major blow like you folks have had. We knew months in advance that Paolo would be out of work so we had plenty of time to plan for it - it would have been hell if it just happened. Fingers crossed that something better comes your way soon!

Palma-I just read the bad news. First, I hope your face is healing nicely. Second, I know how difficult it is to get laid off from a job. That happened to me, very enexpectedly, 2 years ago. It's a challenging and frustrating time, but also one that holds new opportunities and adventures. I know the two of you will make it through these tough times. And a positive attitude does help so much. Best to the both of you.
Cindy Ruth

susan from virginia:


I am so sorry for all of your troubles. I shall wave my magic wand to make it better!

I love your blog; you are so full of optimism, positive energy, and enthusiasm! Some day I hope to meet you--perhaps we'll sip a big glass of wine at a lovely piazza in Italy. Add some nice cheese, salami, and the shining sun to make the image even better!

Hugs and prayers for brighter days--

Susan from Virginia


Oh my. Palma and Brad, I am sending positive thoughts and energies your way. I hope and am keeping my fingers crossed that Brad will be back working as soon as you are back from Italy.

I also wish that you continue to have great times with Federico.

Take care and all the best.


Sending good thoughts and a hug for both of you. Hang in there.I am hoping that what they say is true - when one door closes another will open.


Dear Friends;
I'm so sorry that this has happened to Brad; it is always a blow to the ego, and I think worse for men.
You are such a positive family that I know things will soon be looking up for you.
We are all tightening our belts, even up here in Canada, so you are not alone!!
Sending positive good thoughts your way; and I know you will all focus on the good that is to come!

Lisa Baskin:

Ditto on everything that's already been said! I read your blog every day. It's a very good start to each day. Please don't stop blogging...it's good therapy and you brighten the day for so many others. I'll keep you in my prayers.


Palma: I hope your family continues to stay positive in light of the weeks you've experienced. Sending good thoughts and prayers your way.

I don't see the comment I left last week... but you know I am thinking about y'all.
Strength is there when we need it!
(BTW...You are looking great!)


Welcome to the club...
I hope your sensational ability to see the glass half full (and usually of prosecco, at that) helps you through this rough patch.

Good days and bad--it's all part of this journey.


Just catching up here. Sending hugs and positive thoughts for you and Brad. I'm glad you are staying positive. Hopefully life will end up even better with this change. Hang in there and enjoy Italy!

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