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The Lisa Project

On Wednesday, I went through the exhibit called "The Lisa Project". It is a very powerful, interactive, multi-sensory exhibit about child abuse. Every kind of child abuse, (physical, emotional, verbal, sexual, neglect and domestic violence) were covered. It is a self guided tour with an i-Pod nano, where you walk from room to room with vignettes describing REAL children's lives. It begins with 6 year-old Lisa's 911 call:

Thursday, I volunteered for a 4-hour shift at the exhibit. This is not for the faint of heart. Many people become quite emotional or may be re-living their own real life traumas. (That is why they have licensed therapists present.) It was a very rewarding experience. Currently, The Lisa Project travels throughout California. It began in 2010 in Stockton, CA.

EVERY state should have one! It is an amazing and educational experience, and I was pleased to see so many youth attend. There were teen parents with their social workers, and several probation officers with their teen clients. High school students also volunteered to get community service hours. Here is a taste of what we saw:

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Thank you Palma for sharing this powerful exhibit about a very real everyday situation. And thank YOU for your volunteering spirit at the Lisa project....love, love, love that you can use your exceptional counseling skills to help these children.

I knew I should not have looked at this at nightime. But I did anyway and it is extremely powerful. Not sure if I could even make it through the exhibit without a breakdown. Hell, I am sobbing and I didn't see the exhibit.

Palma, how wonderful of you to volunteer your time. Is it fair to ask what happened to Lisa and her family?


It is not a fairy tale story. Lisa had a rough life, got pregnant as a teen and lived on the streets, doing whatever she could. When her daughter was 6, the cycle of violence repeated, and it shocked her into getting help for herself and her child. They are both OK now, because she didn't want her daughter to grow up the way she did.

Sorry it was upsetting, but even important for us to be aware.


Thank God for people like you who can look past the repulsion and NOT turn away. Most of us can only cry and feel helpless but you can see what can be done to help.
You really are a gift to this life!


Couldnt help but make one more small comment: NONE of us are helpless (even if we arent skilled counselors) we can always do something IF we suspect or witness anything that just "looks wrong". Call authorities and report it......See, we can all do something, small as it seems, but it just might save someones life. =)

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