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To Do List

Thanksgiving will be in Fresno this year. I usually avoid Thanksgiving dinners like the plague. The last time I cooked a Thanksgiving dinner was 1987, and Brad and I usually take off to Las Vegas or San Francisco. Of course THIS year, we want Federico to experience a REAL AMERICAN THANKSGIVING with a big family, too much food, and lots of people, so we are heading to Fresno with Connie's whole gang. There will be 15 people for dinner, and we are all helping.

My list includes 2 huge pans of stuffing, two kinds of cranberry sauce, two desserts, cookies, and Mac & Cheese for Friday night's dinner.

I made a Nutella Cheesecake, and a gingerbread cheesecake, and they are in my freezer.
13 dozen cookies are baked.
Today I am making cranberry sauce and six pound of ciabatta cubes for the stuffing.

I also work a few hours and have my Domestic Violence group tonight. There will be a quick pasta for dinner.

I am excited about Thanksgiving this year!

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Sarah Wood:

We are really looking forward to seeing you guys again in a few days! Everything sounds yummy!!


YUMMY! I am so excited that you have decided to join "the family" this year for our "Day of Blessings & Food". Got a 22# turkey with all the trimmings planned to fix....I know we will all eat like Kings thanks to everyone else helping too. See ya soon!

Barb Cabot:

I know it will be a very happy wonderful all American holiday that Federico will be able to add to his long list of wonderful memories of his stay with you and Brad. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


Thanks Palma! You just made my Thanksgiving list sound simple and manageable -- And you aren't even hosting the feast! You must have special genes for all you do! Did your mom work this hard? Whew! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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