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The term "scarpetta" is used in Italian slang for the act of using a piece of bread to gather remnants of sauce on a dish. It literally means "little shoe". While I was making a rich sauce of pork and Italian sausage for lasagna, Federico told me it was one of his favorite treats, to mop up what is left in the pot with some bread. How could I refuse?

But first, the "flour fight"...

It had been a busy weekend. We are leaving in a few days for Rome. I am swamped at work, with several extra activities, meetings, etc. I've been up at 5:30 a.m. getting things ready for the housesitter, and for Federico's family's arrival. The last task on Sunday was to make a big pan of lasagna to freeze for their Christmas dinner. The sauce was simmering on the stove. The bechamel was thickening on the stove. Brad's job, as always was to make and roll out the dough. He ALWAYS makes perfect pasta dough. He asked me where the pasta flour was. I told him (we use 00 flour from Italy that I keep fresh in the garage fridge). He made the dough using 5 of my last 7 eggs. It had rested for 30 minutes, and it was time to roll it out into beautiful thin sheets and assemble the lasagna. As he put it through the pasta roller, he said, "It is full of holes!"

This pasta didn't look like any pasta dough I had ever seen! It was thick, unelastic, and holey! I asked him about the flour. Brad said, "I used bread flour."

"You WHAT?" I screamed.

The yelling escalated as the dough went into the trash and we knew we had to start over. I was out of eggs! Now this would require a trip to the grocery store and another hour to make, knead and rest the new dough. He had also dumped the bread flour into the canister with my precious 00 flour! ARGH!!!

Federico was on the patio studying for his physics test. Brad left (tires screeching) for the store to buy eggs. I went outside for a cup of coffee and a smoke, explaining to Federico why Brad was "in trouble".

Brad returned from the store, we made up with hugs and kisses and apologies, and began the new dough. The lasagna is beautiful, and finally, Federico got his scarpetta.


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I am LOL.....NOW. I am sure it was NOT funny at the time, but these are some of the "Holiday Stories" that will be repeated for a lifetime. Brad, thanks for makin' some future memories for all of us. =) =) =)


Just gotta say, Federico is one very blessed young man!

Poor Brad. I have used bread flour, but you have to add water and knead much longer. Don't panic! All is well.

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