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Great News


I FINALLY got the pathology report from my surgeon. The melanoma is ALL GONE! The margins are clear, and I will have reconstructive surgery this Thursday!

Thank you ALL for your prayers, good thoughts, cards, balloons, flowers, etc.

I am tired of a hole and 10 staples in my face. No new photos as I scared my friend, Jerry, last week! I scare people in person daily. It doesn't really hurt. I have not needed the big bottle of pain pills I was given. On to the next step.

On a humorous note, have you ever tried to wash your hair without getting your face wet? It is a challenge. I normally wash my hair every morning in the shower. Now I get to tape a strategically cut ziplock bag to my face, hold a washcloth over it with my left hand, wet my head, stick my right hand out the shower door to Brad who is patiently standing by, and say,"shampoo please". He squeezes some into my hand. I lather my head with one hand and carefully rinse. Then I stick my hand out again asking for body wash, and take a one-handed shower. Tricky...

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Wonderful news! Hmmm, could you wash your hair in the sink bending forward? Brad is a real gem!

susan from virginia:

Palma, What great news! I hope you have a big glass of wine to celebrate! Salute!

Wonderful news, Palma! Brava!

Brava, Palma!


Hmmm...have Brad get into the shower with you. That way he can wash your hair and you can protect your face!

SUCH good news from the pathologist. The staples look ugly, but they do the job well - I had 40 in each knee but of course nobody but me saw them! It is an interesting little gizmo they have to remove them, and it is nice to have the tightness gone.

I am so happy for you Palma.


So glad for the good news!

Barb Cabot:

I'm happy to tears to read this wonderful news! Thank you God for this outcome. Big hugs to you!

That is indeed good news!

You and Brad are so lucky to have each other to get thru things like this.


God bless you with good health, Palma! I am leaoing with joy at the good news!


Thank goodness for the great report, I have been thinking about you! I am so happy for GREAT news!!

God does answer prayer! I'm so relieved and happy for you.


It is great that you finally heard from the surgeon about the path results , it' s just too bad he didn't contact you prior to scheduling you for the reconstruction and your needing to contact him for answers and leaving you guessing last week that the report was good. We had figured the report was positive , I just didn't like that he left you worrying and wondering , that was plain wrong.
Onto the next step. Great!,,, : )


YAY. I am happy you are healthy and happy.


Dear Palma,

You are a VERY lucky woman! I'm so happy for your fantastic news. Continued good health to you!!! Prosecco later this evening to celebrate the news!!

Dear Palma,

Just catching up here with your blog. I am so happy to hear the good news! What relief you must feel after having to wait all week. I wish you the best with your upcoming surgery. Hugs!


Palma, that is great news! Glad to hear you are healing without much pain.


Great news!



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