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Yesterday, I spent the weirdest Valentine's Day ever in surgery. Instead of a romantic dinner, I was at the hospital in Riverside, having a melanoma cut out of my cheek. YUCK
It was a same-day surgery, so I got to come home last night by 7 p.m. Today, I feel pretty good. The cuddly bear and "I love you" balloons are from my sweet interns. You can see the yellow bandage STAPLED to my face is coated with neosprorin. We will have the pathology report in about a week. Please pray that they got all the bad stuff! Then I get to go back for reconstructive surgery.


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Oh my! I hope for the best possible news for you next week, Palma.


Best wishes for a great outcome, thinking of you.


Sending healing thoughts and hoping they get all the bad stuff. Take care of you...

Terry Freemark:

Wishing you a quick and easy recovery, Palma, and good news from the doc. Ouch!


sending virtual hugs...


Oh Palma, I really hope that they got it all! Take care of yourself - let Brad and Federico pamper you for a few days.


Very very very best wishes from all of us.Hug

Good Lord, I hope everything comes back ok. So sorry to hear this. take care


Palma -- my thoughts are with you! Sending a virtual hug, and hoping next week's news is good.


Hi Palma ..Looks pretty good. When you explained the incision site last night on the phone and all the staples holding the dressing in place this is not how I visualized it. Hmm...so I didn't ask you earlier is it sutured shut underneath the dressing? Is the black I see in the photo part of the stitches? I'm glad it doesn't hurt! Hope it stays that way.


I'm still laughing about the wrinkles conversation we had at Slow Bowl. Hope you're as close to pain-free as possible and that you'll be hearing good news from Path soon! Hope your boys are giving you lots of TLC :)

Barb Cabot:

Dearest Palma, I am visualizing complete healing and the best results. Sending you all the light and love and wishes for a speedy full recovery.

susan from virginia:

I'm sending my positive thoughts your way for a good report from your doctors!!


Of course I hope that this is the worst of it... I also hope that you will be smiling your 'Palma smile' again soon.

Oh my goodness! Yes, let's hope they got all of the bad stuff out. You are a brave girl. As many others have said, let Brad and Federico pamper you.

Lisa Baskin:

I just want you to know I'm thinking of you and hoping everything turns out well. Sending you hugs and happy thoughts...


Palma, I'll keep you in my prayers. I had a similar scare recently. A lot of people were praying for me and God did hear them as I'm sure he will for you.


Oh my, sending tons of healing vibes your way & praying for a good report!! Take care of yourself, dear Palma!


Palma, Best wishes for a speedy recovery and an excellent and clean Pathology report.


Yikes! How scary! Like the others, I am sending positive thoughts your way. And hugs too.


Wishing you the very best, Palma, and sending lots of healing thoughts your way!

Oh how it must be hurting by now! We hope all turns out well.


I hope you are feeling better, Palma.
Sending you positive thoughts for a speedy recovery, and that your good doctor got all the bad bits.
Don't forget to wear your hat whenever you are out!!
Love, Shelagh.


Cara Palma, I hope that today you are feeling better and not hurting. More than that, I hope that the path report is good and the doctors got all the bad stuff out.

Gerardina :

Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

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