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Alive and Healing

My second surgery was much tougher than the first. I kind of miss that oval shape hole in my face. At least I looked like me. Last Thursday, I went under the knife again. My doctor and I had the choice of PULLING the rest of my face over to cover the hole; (basically a big face lift...on one side only) or a skin graft, like sewing a patch of neck skin over the hole. We decided on the stretch and tuck. The surgeon told me that would look the best in the long run. The "patch option" would never match in color.

No photos, friends! I still feel MONSTERISH. I don't think I look like me. I cannot believe anyone would ever do this on purpose AND pay big bucks for the pain. I look like I was in a bad fight and lost. So, there is a swollen golf ball size lump by my eyebrow. My cheek is smooth and flat. I am purple around my eye, and there are 13 stitches down the side of my face from eyebrow to below my ear. Other than that...

This is so you will remember what I used to look like:


Thanks for all the concern, cards, emails and well wishes. I am hanging in there.

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Thinking of you, hope you are feeling better soon. So sorry it has been so hard. And stay away from those darn mirrors :-). Time will work it's healing powers.


Dear Palma,

I have been thinking about you... checking here a couple of times daily.

I am glad to hear that you are almost fine and healing.

Hoping to see the "new you" this year.

Take care.


Lisa Baskin:

Hang in there...my prayers are with you.


take the pain meds and kick back.
this will pass...

I have been thinking about you. Take care of yourself and rest up. I hope you will see a bit of improvement everyday.

cathy b:

Palma, dear, each morning I say a healing prayer for you and ask God to be close by your side. You have an unsinkable spirit! Inch by inch you will feel better!
Fondly, Cathy

Barb Cabot:

I have been thinking of you and checking in daily to hear from you. I knew the surgery was happening. I'm glad that part is behind you. Here's to total good health and healing. We love you!


You're still Palma, no matter what. That swelling will take a bit. I hope you're keeping comfortable. I know your boys are giving you lots of TLC :).

Thinking of you . . .

Lots of hugs!



Thinking about you and wishing you a speedy recovery! So sorry for what you have been going through recently!

I don't think anyone loves you for the surface. It's lovable, but the quality of the inside is the sell. I'm glad this is over and hope you recover prestissimo.

susan from virginia:

Get well Palma!!


Hope you're feeling better already. Tincture of time, Palma. Measure how you feel in weeks, not days. A week from surgery, you will see and feel a vast improvement. And so on. Sending love...



I am so very sorry to hear about the need for this surgery. I join with everyone who wished you a complete recovery.

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