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The Next Chapter

Yesterday was tough. So many feelings: Sad, gut-wrenching sobs, no sleep, hundreds of clingy hugs, sweet reassurances and tender, loving words from Federico; his friends in and out of the house at all hours the past three days to say more tearful good-byes, and finally the ride to the airport.

Federico checked in with more than twice what he arrived with. He had two huge pieces of luggage, both overweight, a packed-full carry-on and heavy backpack. His bags weighed in at 54.5 and 58.5 pounds. The girl at United, didn't flinch, and heaved them on to the conveyer. I guess it pays to be attractive. (I have had to remove items at 52 lbs.)

We watched him go through security, and finally watched the plane take off from the end of the runway in Palm Springs. He texted us from LAX as we were pulling into our driveway!

This morning, I am off to work, with swollen-shut eyes, but a feeling of peace, that he will be in the loving arms of his family in Rome by 9:30 this morning, our time. He will skype that he is safe in Italy, and I will run out of a staff meeting with my i-Pad to hear his voice.

Thank you to all of you wonderful friends and readers who "get it". Thanks for your support, emails, comments and hugs.

I will write more about our journey as parents during this incredible year!

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Jan Wolf:

I' so sorry that you are suffering but know that this is a relationship that will remain with you forever. You are all so lucky to have found each other and have years of wonderful times ahead of you. This is not the end of this wonderful story. Love to you all and LOTS of hugs to
Luigi .

Oh, Palma, I wish I were there right now to give you a big hug.


Dear Bunkie ~ I "get it". Continue to feel the peace and I look forward to talking to you whenever you have extra time and tissues. The story will continue.....and they ALWAYS have happy endings. =)

sheri gifford:

I am so happy, though not surprised, that this was such a wonderful experience for the 3 of you.The relationship will change, as it always does as kids grow-up, but Federico will always be your Italian son!

Robert Santa Monica:

A day with some sadness, to be sure. But what a wonderful gift for you and Brad Federico's stay has been! Behind the sadness is the fabulous school year you have been kind enough to share with us. Federico seems such a great guy, and what a blessing for all that you three formed a new "family."


O Palma you're breaking my heart.

This brought tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat.


Dear Palma, I have started and stopped this comment more times than I can count...I feel like we all blinked and your fabulous year with Federico flew by. Thank you for sharing so much with us, your loyal readers. Palma, you give so much good to the world and you and your husband deserved this perfect boy to complete your family. This is just the beginning as Federico and his family will be connected to your family forever. You have given him something so precious just by opening your home and your hearts to him...he will never be the same as I suspect the same for you two! I kept looking at my watch on the 11th, knowing that you had that trip to the airport. October will be here before you know it and in the meantime I send you so much support and good wishes your way as you navigate these new waters.


Questa storia non e finita e sono certa che continuera per tanti anni!

Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience hosting Federico. I know your heart is overflowing with so many emotions, but the biggest is L-O-V-E.


Like a locket, open it often and peak in and let your heart swell with the memories of the love the three of you found and shared in 2012/13. Baci

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