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A Virtual Birthday Party

Today is Federico's 18th Birthday! On Sunday, as a surprise, I invited three of his closest friends, Set, Dakota and Casey over for breakfast and a "virtual" birthday party for Federico.


At 9:00 we had a nice breakfast:

Baked Cinnamon French Toast


Bacon-Hashbrown-Cheddar Fritatta


Berries, and Juice


Federico usually Skypes us on Sunday afternoons, but I had asked him to please call at 9:30 this week. At 9:35, while we were just finishing up at the table, Federico called. Everyone got quiet. I said hello and chatted for a second, then said, "There is someone here who wants to talk to you." and handed the i-Pad to Casey.

He broke into a grin and said, "CASEY! What are you doing there?" She said, "Just hanging out with Palma & Brad" and handed the phone to Seth.

Federico laughed and said, "Seth, YOU"RE there too???"

Dakota showed his face to the camera, and we all yelled "Happy Birthday!" I told Federico it was his "virtual birthday party!" I suggested he use this time to chat with his friends and call us back later. The kids all went into Federico's room and talked to him for half an hour, while I got the cake out.



It was such a fun cake to make. It is chocolate, with 6 shades of "ocean" cream cheese frosting. The sand is brown sugar. The banner says, "Happy 18th Federico". The "water is surrounded by 3 colors of fondant "waves", and the sand is surrounded by a fence of filled cookies. There are photos of all of us stuck into the cake on popsickle sticks, and Luigi sits in a frame on the sand dune. We zoomed in on the cake so Federico could see all of it. I sent as much home with the boys as I could. Brad is slowly working on the rest.

We had a fun morning with Federico's friends, and a nice long chat later with him in the afternoon.


I miss him very much, but he has been SUPER about keeping close with Skype, texts and Facebook!

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Barb Cabot:

You are the best best mom! This is such a heartfelt thoughtful way to celebrate your son's 18th birthday. I cannot get over how thoughtful you are about everything you do for everyone in your life. God bless you sweet Palma and yes I do think He has blessed you with a great son!

Cathy Butero:

Amazing! I continue to be awestruck by your creativity! That cake!! That birthday party!!

What a fun birthday party for your son! I'm sure he was so excited to see everyone!


YOU are amazing!

You're the best. I'm sure you'll be in his heart for his entire life. How lucky he is.

Jan Wolf:

What a wonderful birthday celebration for Federico - truly a labor of love!


What a great idea! The cake is incredible. I bet he loved the surprise "party". :)

Paul B:

That's an amazing cake Palma. I keep coming back to look at it!!!!

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