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Federico Update


It was very difficult for us when Federico left us on June 11. The house was quiet, empty of teenagers, (although a few of his friends stopped by for a visit), and we missed him every day. Though the weather was hot, our "sunshine" gone. I am happy to say, he has done an amazing job keeping in close contact with us. He Skypes us every Sunday, and we often chat on FB or by text. Finding a message when I get up at 5:30 or 6:00 a.m. makes my whole day, and Sunday is my favorite time of the week.


Federico is doing well. He had a fun summer in Italy, with daily time at the beach, hanging out with his friends, visiting grandparents in Puglia, a beach week in Gallipoli, and having his brother, Luca home for the month of August. He also had lots of studying to do, both for a TOEFL English exam last week, and for his re-entry into his Greek and Latin classes he missed last year.


We will see Federico in 34 days!!! (Who is counting???) We fly into Bologna, where he will join Brad and I for a weekend before we drive him back to Pescara and spend a week with his wonderful family, Lea, Massimo, Lelio, and his grandparents Luciana and Lelio. We can't wait! I miss my wonderful son SO much!

Martina and Luigi will be in Palm Desert with my friend, Karla, while we are away, getting ready for Halloween!

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Barb Cabot:

Your life is full now Palma. You truly have children and family on multiple continents!
Thrilling to read you will be reunited soon with your son. who could have predicted this?
wonderful post.


That is wonderful, and now you have an older son and he has a younger sister, as you have a daughter to go with your son. Congratulations to you and Brad.

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