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Luigi's Beach Adventure

Since Luigi LOVES the pool, we thought he would love the beach. I had visions of throwing his "floppy" along the sand, and him running along the beach through the surf for hours. Instead, he liked the SAND, but wanted nothing to do with the water. It scared him!



He didn't like those waves coming toward him. It was also kind of cold. Our pool is still and warm and sunny!



Oh well... maybe next time! I bet he'd like Maui!

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Where were you??? I'm in Lucca or else I'd be mad if you said you were in Carslbad!

Barb Cabot:

He's so special. I find the sea intimidating myself.


There is a heck of a lot more water at that sandy place versus the pool. And it is moving, has this strange foamy stuff at nose level, tastes funny, and it is a lot more noisy than that 'sea' of calmness in Luigi's own backyard.

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