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How to Make an Easter Wreath


Last month I made a fun baby wreath for Karla's shower. I had so much fun, I made another for Easter. Here's how:

You will need 7 or 8 rolls of ribbon to decorate the wreath, 2 rolls to wrap the stryofoam, a box of straight pins, and a styrofoam wreath.

1. Cover the wreath in ribbon (2 rolls of any ribbon, as it won't show). Just secure with 2 pins, wrap tightly, and secure with 2 more pins when you are done.


2. Cut all the remaining ribbon in 4' strips. These were from the baby wreath.


3. Pin each loop of ribbon into wreath with 2 pins. Do one pattern at a time, and keep pinning. (10-15 minutes per roll of ribbon). Take a break after each color.


In a couple of hours, you will be done! It is cute just the way it is, but I hot glued on a few Easter eggs and some daffodils.


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WOW.........I LOVE that
Easter Bunny who is running around your house!I missed several bolgs and just finished reading the past few days you posted. Thank you for for helping me stop and smell the bunnies, eggs, Oreos,peeps, and "pins". But I especially LOVED the goodies sent to your Honey Bunny. Know you miss him but summer will be here before ya know it. =)

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