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O Christmas Treats

Last week was my final "Call to Care" group, where I had 15 wonderful participants for 12 weeks of a class/psychoeducational group for Caregivers. These were the NICEST people ever! I wanted to bring a festive treat for their "graduation". On Monday morning, I made these "pinecones" I saw on Pinterest. I made 14, as two group members would not be there.


You simply make a "dough" of 3 T. soft butter, 1/2 c. peanut butter, 1/4 c. Nutella, and a cup of powdered sugar.


Stick a pretzel stick in the center to have a "handle" to form the pine cones, then stick in chocolate cereal, starting at the bottom to form the pine cone.



Sprinkle with powdered sugar, and you're done! Then I made another batch!


They were ready to transport on Tuesday, and I was ready to leave for work from 1-8 p.m..


I left the kitchen for two minutes to grab my book bag for work. When I returned, DEVIL DOG, Luigi was standing on the kitchen counter EATING MY PINECONES. He had polished off three, was starting his fourth, and had licked the powdered sugar off the rest! He had to have jumped from a chair, onto my kitchen table, with a leap to my desk, then up onto the counter behind his cage. A NEW trick!

I took out butter to soften, locked Luigi in his cage, and left for work. I made new pine cones that night and finished them at 10:30. Luigi and I had a "Come to Jesus talk", and he has been good since, but I am not holding my breath.

Comments (5)

Oh no! Bad Luigi! They look absolutely delightful and I am glad you found time to make more.

Barb Cabot:

They look wonderful. Apparently Luigi thought so too.

Cathy Butero:

Funny! Even with a catastrophe, you make me laugh!


So funny! Any dog lover would understand.


Oh, bad Luigi,, how very VERY naughty, even though you are nice, that was B A D. And, you made more work for your hard working momma.
Cute idea, Palma

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