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March 12, 2012

Project: The Pantry!


I have slowly been putting foods that can be stored in the OXO Good Grips pop top clear containers in my pantry. Those suckers are expensive! $15-19 for the larger ones! Every month, I buy a few more, and I only need three more to be done (both desert Bed Bath and Beyond stores are out of the sizes I need because I probably bought them all)!

The other product I love: (While my friend, Sandi, is the Queen of chalkboard paint) Martha Stewart Chalkboard sticker labels (from Avery, at Staples!

Now everything is marked and easy to see!



Love the baking section!


And the PASTA!


Another problem was all of my flavored vinegars and oils. I really do use them all!
I used a three step-shelf to organize them better, and put them on a lower shelf.


On the wall behind the door: aprons and recycle shopping bags!



March 15, 2012

Organization: Project Ribbon and Project Paint

After being thrilled with my pantry organization, I decided to tackle my second guest room. There's a bed, so it can serve as a guest room, but it is really my office/craft room. It has had many names: "Scrapbook Room", "Junk Room", "Gift Room" (when piled with Christmas presents and wrap), and "Mango Room" (due to the color on the walls).
Whatever I call it, it badly needed some re-organization. My first two projects were ribbon and craft paints. I have lots of both. I LOVE to wrap beautiful presents, so the collection was a little out of control!

Project Ribbon:

First I separated out the holiday ribbon from everything else, and used a large turntable. A small cheap plastic box was useful for small rolls of thin ribbon.




Project Paint:



March 21, 2012

Organizing:Scarves and Bracelets

I am still on my organizing kick. I am now a regular at Bed, Bath and Beyond! I have been in there at least three times a week for the last few weeks. I bought a scarf organizer, and freed up the drawer space of 26 scarves! I also bought a hanger intended for four pairs of slacks, but used it to hold all of my bracelets!



March 22, 2012

Organization: The Jewelry Drawers!

This went more easily than I thought it would! Let me start by saying I have LOTS of costume jewelry. I was on a beading kick a few years ago, so I made about 30% of what you will see myself, and sold many pieces or made them for gifts. I kept some of my favorite beads.

When we moved to this house, I had my closet "done" by California Closets, and had TWO jewelry drawers put into my built-in closet dresser. Soon I needed three, and I kept moving my underwear down a drawer. Finally, I gave up and made it FOUR drawers for jewelry, but they were a mess! I bought stacking plastic divided trays at Bed, Bath and Beyond, and now drawer three and four each have four trays, and all the jewelry is sorted by color. It all fits! My underwear is safe!

Drawer 1: Rust


Drawer 2: Sliding Earring shelf (in back), and black/white


Drawer 3: Two trays of green




Orange & Coral


Drawer 4: Aqua & Blue


Bronze and Copper




I've worn beads this week that I forgot I had!

March 23, 2012

The Baking Cupboard


This armoire used to be in my guest room (before my new desk system), and it was filled with beading supplies. Now it is in my laundry room, and it recently became my baking cupboard!


On the right side, the top two shelves are filled with sanding sugars, and sprinkles.



The bottom shelf has containers of candy for decorating.


On the left side, the top shelf is filled with cupcake papers.


Next is lots more seasonal candy for decorating.


Finally, a shelf of muffin tins of all sizes and shapes, and bowls I use for frostings.


There are still two large lower sections of the armoire (one is filled with gift wrapping supplies and the other with junk I need to go through). My hope is to free up more kitchen space by moving all my springform pans, cake pans, and bundt pans there!

This has been my FAVORITE organizing project so far!

April 13, 2012

Organize Your Purse!

Let's Start with my new gold glitter Candy Bag from Furla. It goes wit EVERYTHING, and it may be the first time I bring only one large purse (and a little black evening bag) to Italy.


Here is what I usually have in my purse (PLUS the camera I am taking this photo with).

License/credit cards/Insurance card/AAA card
cigarette case/lighter
reading glasses
hand sanitizer


It ALL fits in this terrific little purse organizer bag called a Pouchee.



Pretend my camera is in the other pocket!


The Pouchee is 5x7 inches. It fits INSIDE any of my purses. Now changing purses is a snap. I just grab the Pouchee and my keys and sunglasses and I'm good to go!

May 4, 2012

The Linen Closet

Mine was a disaster. Besides beach towels and sheets, I have lots of table linens: runners, tablecloths, place mats and napkins. Stacks and stacks of them! I change the decor on both my dining room and kitchen tables at least monthly and sometimes weekly! Storing all of this has been a problem, and my hall linen closet was CRAMMED and messy! There were also 40 holiday dish towels!

I had to go to THREE Target stores, (one twice) to get what I needed: 9 large bins, 2 extra large bins, 2 baskets, two tubs, and an over-the door shoe hanging bag. It was worth it!



Every bin is labeled by season! Spring, Summer, Winter, 3 Fall and 3 Christmas! Baskets holding rolled beach towels are on the floor of the closet. Two large bins with extra blankets and throws are on top.


The shoe bag is brilliant! I now have an empty kitchen drawer and an empty drawer in my dining room hutch!

Yes, folks, I got rid of a few things too. Now everything is neat, and I can find what I want. The total counts are: 23 tablecloths, 22 runners, 37 sets of place mats, and 62 sets of napkins!

See what I started when I cleaned out my pantry?

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