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September 27, 2008

Photo Hunt: VIEW

My VIEW is a classic shot of the beautiful Portofino piazza.


October 4, 2008

Photo Hunt: Sad

This was a tough theme for me. The first thing that came to mind is how sad it is to leave Italy at the end of a trip. Here are a couple of old posed shots from years past.





REALLY sad, is the last Italian caffe latte a week and a half ago. I haven't had a decent cup of coffee since!


October 11, 2008

Photo Hunt: LAZY

This one was easy, as we are a lazy family!

Here is Ego, too lazy to swim.


This pretty much sums up Ego's day. It is only the location that changes.


Here is Brad in our room in Varenna. He is not moving any time soon! (For the sake of accuracy, I think he had just driven all day.)


I guess I do not usually photograph MYSELF being lazy, but there are lots of naps taken at my house. This is another typical summer scene.


October 18, 2008

Photo Hunt: Family

There are lots of different ways to think of "family".

I look forward to seeing 40 members of our Slow Travel family next weekend!


October 25, 2008

Photo Hunt: Scared

First thing that came to mind!


November 1, 2008

Photo Hunt: Blue



Capri's BLUE Grotto:


And since I'm in that Capri more:


November 8, 2008

Photo Hunt: Together

Here are a group of school children arriving for a field trip in Orvieto. Their teachers are trying to make sure they stay TOGETHER!


November 14, 2008

Photo Hunt: RUIN: Sassi of Matera


I am posting my Photo Hunt early, as I will be traveling this weekend.
This is a photo from our 2003 trip to Puglia and Basilicata. It is a view of the ancient town of Matera, believed to have been founded by the Romans in the 3rd century B.C..

The ancient town, is known as the "Sassi di Matera" (meaning the stones of Matera). The sassi houses are dug into the tuff rock itself. Many are really just caverns. Some streets are built on the rooftops of other houses. They originate from a prehistoric settlement, and are some of the first human dwellings in Italy. The Sassi of Matera are now a Unesco World Heritage Site.


During the 1950s, the old town was a slum, with thousands living in unsanitary conditions, without plumbing or electricity. Malaria was prevalent. The town was evacuated, and people were moved to the newer box-like houses. The caves were left empty for years.


People began occupying caves, movie producers loved the ancient look of the area, and tourists came to see.


Could this have been one of the first piazzas?


On the way into town, oxen roamed freely in the road.


We followed this guy for a while.


Now some of these sassi homes have gone high tech. There are computers, servers, and even a 500 employee call center in one of the ancient caves!


It was a strange place to visit. There are very rough streets with uneven stones and steps. We had a guide, and while it was fascinating, there was an eerie sense to the place for me.

The photography and lighting in this video may give you an idea of what I mean. This photography is amazing.

Sassi: Light and Shade video

November 22, 2008

Photo Hunt: Reflection

This week's theme of "reflection" was easy, but hard to choose only one favorite. So here are all my favorites!

The first photo I chose was taken of a reflecting ball at Buchart Gardens in Victoria, B.C. in 2003.


Here is our pool on a December 2007 evening at sunset.


This is a few minutes later.


Here is another reflection from Buchart Gardens.


This last one is from Villa Melzi in Bellagio, on Lake Como in September, 2008.


November 29, 2008

Photo Hunt: METAL

Since we are at the Paris in Las Vegas, this is the logical choice:


However, I prefer this gate at a house in Montalcino. I could move in here in a second. Isn't it charming?


And here is the garden:


There was also a lot of metal at the Fashion Show Mall yesterday!


December 6, 2008

Photo Hunt: Breakfast

My usual breakfast is a cup of coffee.


But here are some holiday breakfasts from last Christmas:

A casual pannetone bread pudding:

Ham and cheese omelette in puff pastry:


A Christmas morning Benedict:


December 13, 2008

Photo Hunt: FAVORITE

My FAVORITE Christmas tree (of five) is our Italy tree in the office.


We have a few new ornaments this year, and this Tuscany Santa is my FAVORITE:


Here is his back with a sack covered with cypress trees.


There are three pieces of "luggage" for Rome, Venice and Pisa:


There is an espresso pot:


And finally, tiny photo frames of our friends who live in Italy: Judith, Alessandra, Mary, Diana, Judy, Barbara and Art, Gloria, etc.


December 20, 2008

Photo Hunt:WIDE

A WIDE expanse of snow on our mountains!


December 27, 2008

Photo Hunt: SQUEAKY


Due to the nature of the word this week, I will NOT be checking other blogs. If you are a ST friend, and posted a small creature with a tail (that is anything close to a rodent), please PM me, and I will avoid your blog for a few days!

Ego let me borrow some of his squeaky toys. He had a lovely 16th birthday yesterday!


January 3, 2009

Photo Hunt: HOPE


I have hope that with good leadership, Americans can work together to change our future.


I have hope that while we try to get the economy "back on track", we will realize what is really important in life, focusing more on relationships, friends and family, and giving of oneself.


I hope our nation will work toward peace and regain the respect of the rest of the world.

January 10, 2009


The morning after a Slow Travel Desert Get Together:


January 17, 2009

Photo Hunt: HATS

I used to wear a lot of hats! I had pretty hats that went with pretty dresses and dramatic hats that went with suits. I wore them to luncheons or to San Francisco. I even have a beautiful fur hat from Saks 5th Avenue in New York. I still have a few in three hat boxes on the top shelf of my closet. Of course my "hat days" were long before digital photography. I look really stupid in a baseball cap (but I do have a Slow Travel hat).

The photo I chose is much cuter than anything I could have modeled.

This is my dog-buddy, Bailey, on Halloween. She is an Old English Sheep dog.


January 24, 2009

Photo Hunt: CHIPPED

My first thought for "chipped" was a glass mosiac. Actually, that is not true. My FIRST thought was chips and dip! : )


January 31, 2009

Photo Hunt: FURRY

These are two friends I made in the piazza in Bologna.


February 7, 2009

Photo Hunt: BRIDGES


I took this photo on my 2006 trip to visit Ida in her tiny village of Vico Pancellorum. The beautiful Maddalena's Bridge is also called "Ponte del Diavolo" or "Devil's Bridge" on the Serchio river near the town of Borgo a Mozzano. This bridge with its assymetrical arches is located near the town of Bagni di Lucca on the SS12 between Lucca and Abetone.

"Once upon a time a clever and respected master builder lived in a village on the banks of the Serchio River. The inhabitants of the village approached him, asking him to build a bridge to connect their village with the one across the river. He immediately set to work, but he soon saw that the work was not progressing as quickly as he'd promised his fellow citizens it would, and being a man of his word and one who always fulfilled his obligations, he became very unhappy and desperate. He continued to put great effort into the work day and night so as to finish the task within the time allowed for in the contract, but the work continued to proceed very slowly while the days flew by. One evening while the builder was sitting alone on the banks of the Serchio looking at the work and thinking of the shame and discredit he would suffer for not having completed it in time, the devil appeared to him in the form of a respectable businessman.

He went straight up to the builder telling him that he'd be able to finish the bridge in a single night. The man didn't believe what the devil was saying, but listened anyway, and in the end accepted his proposal. Naturally the devil wanted something in return: the builder was to undertake to give him the soul of the first person that crossed the bridge when it was completed. The builder accepted and the following day the village had its beautiful bridge that can still be seen today in Borgo a Mozzano."

The people were stunned and unable to believe what had been accomplished, and went to congratulate this craftsman who ordered them not to cross the bridge before sunset. In the meantime, the builder got on his horse, a little worried if the truth be told, and set off for Lucca to ask the Bishop for advice. At that time the Bishop was Saint Frediano. This saintly man told him not to worry and to allow the devil to take the soul of the first person to cross the bridge, and told him to let a pig cross first. This was done and the devil, furious at having been tricked, threw himself into the waters of the Serchio, and has not been seen in the area since.


Another bridge I discovered on that same trip was way off the beaten path. We took a ride to "Il Ponte Sospeso", (the point of suspension) near the tiny town of Mammiano Basso. We felt no need to walk across the bridge, and went for a gelato instead!



February 14, 2009

Photo Hunt: Nautical

This week's theme was easy. I had lots of photos as we love to travel to places where there are boats and water! I went way back to 2001 for this shot of Venice.


February 21, 2009

Photo Hunt: WARM

My beach in Maui: view from my condo's lanai


February 28, 2009



I am thankful for many, many things. I am VERY thankful that I am feeling like my "old self" again. Thank you to all of you for your support and encouragement.

March 7, 2009

Photo Hunt: SPACE

I will interpret this week's theme as "A Perfect Space".

One of the most wonderful "spaces" I know is just outside Pienza at L 'Olmo.


A space to relax:


A space to have coffee:


Our own patio space:


The golden light of Tuscany:


Space for poppies:


Pienza in the distance:


A pool for relaxing:


I would love to be in that space!

March 14, 2009

Photo Hunt: FOUR

Four sculptures on, El Paseo, our shopping street.


Here they are from the other side. A little too thin, don't you think?


March 21, 2009

Photo Hunt: YELLOW

So many choices for YELLOW!

Some spring blooms:

Home grown lemons:

Little lemon tartlettes

Ducks and Daffodils

And finally, the tulip centerpieces from last year's Gathering in Savannah's Sunday Brunch at Vic's on the River!

March 28, 2009

Photo Hunt: Hands

This week the theme is HANDS. I remembered to take a photo at dinner last night.


I also love this photo of Diana guiding me on her pottery wheel.


April 4, 2009

Photo Hunt: Stripe(s)

My first thought was to look through Italy photos for canopy stripes on the Amalfi coast or rows of vineyards, but I decided to go with...FOOD!

Tiramisu stripes:


Blackberry Cake stripes:


Lemon-blueberry trifle stripes:


April 11, 2009

Photo Hunt: Triangle

At first I was stumped with this theme. Then I realized I had an example of a triangle that I looked at every day for 8 years: the YMCA logo.


I know you're all thinking I was an aerobics instructor, right? LOL
The mental health agency, where I was director was under the umbrella of the YMCA of San Francisco. Project FOCYS was a youth service bureau that served the counseling needs of kids and their families. We had 20 clinical staff and interns. We provided counseling in many elementary, middle and high schools, and family therapy at the clinic. Children and adolescents were referred by police, juvenile probation officers, and school counselors and principals. We had a very successful group program for parents, children and teens in three languages, as well as services for gay, lesbian, bisexual, or questioning youth. We started a violence prevention program after the traumatic events at Columbine High School, that was proactive and very successful. I served as School Services Coordinator, Family Group Program Coordinator, and eventually as Director of the agency.

I began there as an intern therapist, and ended up training and supervising interns. I am very proud of the work I did at the YMCA. It is NOT just a health club/gym. Besides the sports and camp programs, the YMCA works to build healthy families and strong values. The organization stresses character development by demonstrating "Character Counts" which focuses on six pillars of Character: Respect, Responsibility, Trustworthiness, Caring, Fairness and Citizenship. Check out YOUR local community YMCA. "We build strong kids, strong families, strong communities."

April 18, 2009

Photo Hunt: Purple

I found very little in my photo files that could be considered purple, so...

I made PURPLE with Photoshop. There lots I don't know about Photoshop, so it was fun to try to figure this out.


April 25, 2009

Photo Hunt: Protection

My first thought was our 2006 visit to Ferrara!


Here is the moat at Castello Estense. It is a brick building in the center of town with four towers, and is surrounded by a moat. The castle was built in 1385. I didn't know moats had sprinkler fountains!


I am standing on the drawbridge. My Slow Travel tote PROTECTS my journal and camera.


May 2, 2009

Photo Hunt: Walking

Timing is everything. I am signed up for an art walk in May, but this will have to do.
I March, we too a short drive up to see some of the wildflowers blooming. This is just a few miles above Palm Desert on Highway 74 (goes to San Diego if you keep going).

We took a short WALK, (not a hike). It seemed as if the rocks themselves were blooming!


Other desert plants were also beautiful close up.



Our longest walks take place in Italy, or have shopping involved!

May 9, 2009

Photo Hunt: In Memory of My Mom

Lena Nettis Case 1907-1984


See a resemblance? If you gave me dark hair, and took away my dad's Germanic coloring, I would look like my mom. The similarities are much more pronounced in personality. My mom loved to entertain, did volunteer work, was smart and quick, though she only had an 8th grade education. She loved to cook and bake, travel and shop. She was a great wife, mother, sister and friend. She had quite a "collection" of dishes, shoes, and handbags.

The youngest girl of 10 siblings, mom was born in Bronx, New York, where she lived until moving to California along with her five sisters in the 1940s. Her dad, a musician, played clarinet in John Phillip Souza's band. At age 14, she had to quit school to stay home and take care of her mother and grandmother. Her dreams of being a teacher stopped there. Italian families still "arranged marriages" and at age 21 she married a man she met the night before the wedding (a "date" where they went to church for confession before the wedding, chaperoned by two older brothers) She didn't like the guy, and begged her father to not make her marry him, but the families had "arranged" the match, and my grandfather said he was from a nice family, and she would "learn to love him".

He wanted children immediately, and beat her the first three months when she started her period. The fourth month, he sent her to a doctor to "see what was wrong". She checked out ok. Month Five, she suggested HE go for a medical exam. He found out he was sterile, and physically took it out on her. She left for good and tried to get a divorce. She had no grounds. My uncles set up a prostitute in a hotel room and invited her violent husband. They hid in the closet, and at the appropriate moment, jumped out with cameras in order to get necessary "evidence" to meet grounds for divorce. At the time (1928), the only allowable reasons for divorce in NY were adultery, insanity.

I am so proud of her strength and assertiveness, especially during an age when domestic violence was not discussed. It is very sad that she felt so much pain and guilt about the divorce. The family was very Catholic, and she really felt she had disappointed her father, and shamed the family. She also had very skewed ideas about men and relationships. She did not date for 20 years.

Interestingly enough, (and quite frightening) her husband remarried, and MURDERED his second wife, killing her with a dog's choke chain collar!!! My mom was lucky and brave to get out when she did!

After her move to California, she owned her own business, the "corset and lingerie" section of a department store. She lived with my aunt and uncle, traveled with girlfriends, and splurged on trips and nice clothes. In 1951, she went to a friend's home for dinner, and they had also invited my dad (a blind date she knew nothing about). They courted for 4 months and were married in May, 1951. Dad was 20 years older (64), retired and a widower of a happy 40 year marriage.

In February, 1952, my mom kept having nosebleeds and craving fava beans. She went to the doctor, and he told her she either had a VERY large tumor, or was pregnant. The test was positive. She sent my dad in for the results, as she was sure she was dying, but found out instead, that she was 6 months pregnant. Only three months to wait for my arrival!

She and my dad had 28 happy years before his death in 1979 at age 93. She was a wonderful, warm, loving and supportive mother.

I'm sure my mom is happy to know I do work I enjoy, cook like she did, have a happy relationship, a comfortable home, and visit Italy whenever I can!

Happy Mother's Day, Mom!


May 16, 2009

Photo Hunt: Painted

My lovely friend, Maria Hunt, painted some of the traffic light boxes on our Palm Desert shopping street, El Paseo. Art in public places is very important in Palm Desert, and is supported by the city and local businesses. Maria painted the 18th hole of Desert Willow Golf Course.


The scene wraps around both metal boxes, containing traffic light equipment. Here is Maria, with her art!


May 23, 2009

Photo Hunt: Plastic

There are many many examples of plastic in my pantry and kitchen. These are items used every day.



Here in the desert, the word "plastic" has a more frequent meaning. Most people would think of SURGERY rather than GLADWARE! Cosmetic surgery doctors and clinics are on every corner.

Because of an ordinance, there are no drive-through fast food chains. I guess those drive-through lanes are unsightly, so you must go inside to get a burger, fries or taco in Palm Desert or Rancho Mirage (except those by the freeway). This always amuses me, and since I do not partake of fast food, I don't care, but I do feel for those moms with multiple car seats and sleeping babies, who need to schlep everyone inside the Mc Donalds. My point is, are all the plastic surgeons not also creating much "ugliness", yet they are allowed EVERYWHERE! Some of their results are a little frightening! I don't even try to guess ages here. I am usually off by at least 20 years.


Finally, my favorite "plastics" are these:


May 30, 2009

Photo Hunt:Books

This week's photo hunt topic is "books". Here is one I thoroughly enjoyed, and recommend highly!


"Love Walked In, by Marisa de los Santos, is the kind of book that makes you want to hunker down on a chilly day in a comfy chair and read straight through til dark....This is a poignant, heart-tugging story about a single woman and a little girl who develop an unlikely bond." The Washington Post Book World

"A touching, triumphant story of the power and variety and responsibility of love. A joy to read, filled with characters you wish you knew in real life. Love Walked In is every bit as engaging as the classic movies Marisa de los Santos lovingly invokes." Karen Joy Fowler, author of The Jane Austen Book Club

My book club is reading Love Walked In this month (on my recommendation). You will absolutely fall in love with 10 year old Claire, a character who is so real, vibrant and resilient, you want her to bring her home. The other characters are also quite human and vulnerable. The book will make you laugh and cry, and want more.

I just bought the sequel, Belong to Me, and I'm saving it for my flight to Rome.


This will be the first Italy trip where I only bring one book to read. Since I got my new i-phone (which acts as a Kindle), I have been browsing Amazon to see what books I'd like to read with no extra weight in my luggage. That should be worth a couple extra pairs of shoes!


June 6, 2009

Photo Hunt: Advertisement

I love this photo I took of a billboard for Lavazza coffee in the Milan airport.


Here's the caption.


Here is one from Bologna. To say, to do, popular (admired)


June 13, 2009

Photo Hunt: Lock


"Slide to unlock" this arrow to open my iPhone.

"There's an app for that!" I've had the iPhone for a month, and so far I have a few handy applications. The phone COMES WITH an app for: texting, a camera, photos, You tube, stocks a calendar, maps, weather (I have Palm Desert, Vegas, Rome, and Bevagna temps.) a clock (Italy time at so I don't have to add 9...) a calculator, notepad, itunes, the app store, along with your phone, contact list, email, browser (Safari), and iTunes.

The apps I have added include: (You may see a food and travel trend...)

Slow Talk

Days Until...
I love Travel (Packing lists)
ispeak Italian (phrasebook/translator)
Rome (a guidebook)
Expenses (keeps track of trip expenses by category)

Zagat 09
Kitchen calculator
My Recipes
Open Table (Restaurant reservations)
Coffee finder (find a Starbucks)
Urban Spoon (restaurant finder)
iParty (Party planning)

Jacks or Better (video poker)
mSecure (remembers all your passwords/pin codes/account numbers)
World Radio (I love the Italian music stations)
Amazon kindle

June 27, 2009

Photo Hunt: FLAGS

This week's theme is FLAGS:

This is the the Quisisana Hotel in Capri:


or last 4th of July's jello salad:


Talk about TIMING! Here is the walkway at Chicago's O'Hare airport Friday, June 26!


July 12, 2009

Photo Hunt: Garbage

I must have had a great Girl Scout leader as a child. I remember her getting lots of empty 5-gallon ice cream tubs from Baskin-Robbins. We rolled up lots of colorful pages of Life Magazine ads into tightly rolled pencil-thin straws, gluing them shut. We cut them all the height of the ice cream container, glued them on, and ended up with a colorful waste basket. It looked like a round version of this:


She was ahead of her time, as this was WAY before recycling. So many "green" products are now made of recycled materials. Here are a couple of items made from GARBAGE.

Here is another creative waste basket:


Or how about a candy wrapper purse?


Unfortunately, here is some garbage in the Tiber River.


July 18, 2009

Photo Hunt: ROCKS

My favorite rocks are the Faraglioni, three large craggy rocks off the coastline of Capri.




In 2003, we sailed right through the opening.


July 25, 2009

Photo Hunt: Utensils

It is great that this week's theme is a no-brainer for me. Here is the stuff I use every day. There are also two drawers full of utensils, and one filled with knives. My newest gadget is a Williams-Sonoma cherry pitter.


August 1, 2009

Photo Hunt: Entertainment


This was the entertainment at our dinner party last night. An imovie I made on my laptop from our recent trip to Umbria. Actually that is only half the story. That is just an empty jewel case. There is no DVD in it yet. I DID make a movie on my laptop. Here is the sad story...

Some of you may remember when my space bar and delete key were stuck. I had to copy and paste a space between each word from another document. I brought the computer to a Mac store (We don't have a real Apple store in the desert.) They took everything off my hard drive, did tests, put it all back. I payed for a new keyboard.

It is just a few months later, and now the return key (enter) is stuck. So is the hyphen, and the plus and equals key. To skip a line I have to copy and paste a paragraph sign from WORD. Pain in the butt! Anyway, when I began the movie, my iphoto was GONE. It looked like it was in the applications folder, it was still on the dock, but didn't OPEN. Same with iDVD. Whatever they did at that place, messed everything up!

I sort of tricked imovie into thinking each photo was a "clip" (video segment). That worked. I could add sound, and effects. I finished the movie. Then you have to "render the movie" to make it a dvd. I can't!

Long story - short...I got a new laptop!


It is VERY cool, and will work with our video camera. We are currently transfering files over. When we transfered the lost some parts. The new themes are very nice, but the old themes won't be there. It has new titles and special effects, but the old ones don't transfer, so my movie is back on the editing room floor. I don't think it will take me long to put in a few new bells and whistles, and my NEXT movies will be so much easier.

The rest of the weekend, learning all the cool new features of the new laptop will be my ENTERTAINMENT. And no keys are stuck!

August 8, 2009

Photo Hunt: LOW

Here is a cat laying LOW near a parked car in Italy.


August 15, 2009


I go through this by the case.


10-20 per day for 5-10 mugs of coffee. I take 300 with me for an Italy trip. I hate Equal, and will use Splenda if I HAVE to, but it tastes just like sugar, which I also hate in my coffee. I have been using Sweet and Low for 39 years. If I was a lab rat, I'd be dead.

August 22, 2009

Photo Hunt: Ripples

This week's theme of "ripples" was easy, as I immediately thought (longingly) of our days in Varenna last September. Here are some Lake Como ripples:



August 29, 2009

Photo Hunt: SURPRISE

My most recent nice surprise was while in Orvieto for the day. Brad brought me one big beautiful sunflower. It's the little things...


September 5, 2009

Photo Hunt: ORANGE

Of course, orange is one of the colors of fall.


Then I remembered my Slow Travel Pumpkins!


Fall leaves are what I'd love to see this year:


Almost time for pumpkin soup!


And who can resist a stunning sunset?


September 12, 2009

Photo Hunt: Electric

There seem to be electronic devices in almost every room of our house. Here are our cell phones: my iPhone, Brad's cell, and two Italian cell phones. These all need chargers, regular and car chargers!


When we travel to Italy there are phones/chargers, camera and video camera with chargers, iPod, and laptop with power cord. Each charger for a U.S. item need an adapter.

The bathroom is simple: a hair dryer. I can do without it. Brad would NOT be happy.

We have a TV in the bedroom we never watch. There is a Tivo box under the bed, but that is a WHOLE OTHER STORY! It goes with the story of the 42" paperweight in the great room (television). Don't ask.

In Brad's office, we have two laptops, an external hard drive, a huge printer, cable box, stereo equipment, a dvd player, and yes, still a VHS player with a television.

I the kitchen, I CONSTANTLY use my coffee maker, often use my Kitchen Aid mixer, and Cuisenart. Occasionally I need a blender or immersion blender. The toaster comes out of the pantry once or twice a year. I do not own a crock pot, deep fryer, or bread machine.

If the power was to go out, I have a gas grill, a gas stovetop and most importantly...


September 19, 2009

Photo Hunt: Upside-Down


Upside-Down Lemon Slice Muffins
(from Williams-Sonoma Kitchen Library: Muffins and Quick Breads)

3 lemons
1 T. water
1/4 cup plus 12 teaspoons sugar, divided
6 T. unsalted butter
2 cups flour
2 t. baking powder
1/2 t. baking soda
1/2 t. salt
2 eggs
1 cup milk

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Butter (or spray) 12 standard muffin tins.

Finely grate the zest from 3 lemons. Set the lemons aside. Combine zest, 1 T. water and 1/4 cup sugar in a small saucepan. Cook over medium heat about 2 minutes, just until sugar melts. Add butter and cook about another minute, until butter melts.
Set aside.

With a sharp knife, remove remaining peel from the lemons. Cut in thin slices and remove seeds. Place 1 t. sugar in the bottom of each muffin cup and add a slice of lemon on top.

In a medium bowl, stir and toss flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. Set aside. In a larger bowl, whisk together eggs, milk, and lemon mixture. Add the dry ingredients and stir just until blended.

Spoon into tins, filling about 3/4 full. Bake 15-20 minutes until tops of muffins are golden brown, or toothpick comes out clean. Immediately invert the tins on a wire rack. Cool 5 minutes, then tap bottoms and lift away tins. Makes about 12-14 muffins. Serve warm.


September 26, 2009

Photo Hunt: TWISTED

The first thing that came to mind was Brad's birthday dinner in May, 2007. We ate at Twisted Restaurant and Bar in Scottsdale, Arizona.


My second thought were the mosiac filled marble columns on the duomo in Orvieto.


October 3, 2009

Photo Hunt: WORDS

I had fun with this week's theme. I began by looking through my scrapbook paper stash:



Then I played with my WORD magnets:

These words reminded me of travel:


These words made me think of food:


Well, you get the idea...


And the words I spend time with EVERY week...


October 10, 2009

Photo Hunt: SPORTS

This theme was DEFINITELY a challenge. I am not a big sports fan, nor do I participate in active outdoor sports. I am not a golfer, a tennis player, a cyclist, etc. I don't have a photo of myself swimming. Then I thought we might stretch SNORKELING into the category of sports! Ta-da! This is as good as it gets!

Every morning, on my visits to my Maui condo, I swim out to see turtles!



Who is chasing? Brad or the turtle? I managed to get them both in this shot:




October 17, 2009

Photo Hunt: FREE WEEK!

This week was FREE (post any photo of your choice), so I am sharing some cute bathroom art we saw at Beaches Restaurant in Vancouver, WA. I can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with.

The Men's Room and Women's Room were self explanatory at this Pacific Northwest restaurant!



It would be tough to mistake which door to enter! Once inside the ladies room, there is more art inside the stall!


October 23, 2009

Photo Hunt: TIED

This little dog is patiently tied to his owner in Campo Farnese in Rome.


October 31, 2009

Photo Hunt: BAGS

Apple BAGS


Bag your own...


Although we use the word "purse" in California, I have the perfect one for today from my collection of BAGS...


November 7, 2009

Photo Hunt: VETERAN


I am proud to have two veterans and graduates of the United States Air Force Academy in the family. Brad graduated from USAFA in 1970, and Casey in 2000. In the above photo you can see the beautiful Chapel in the background.

Here are Brad's memento's from his 5 years in the Air Force:


I was able to visit the Air Force Academy for Casey's graduation in 2000. It is a gorgeous campus in Colorado Springs. According to tradition, Brad was honored to pin on Casey's bars at the ceremony when he was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant.


November 14, 2009

Photo Hunt: MUSIC

These were musicians roaming the streets of Bologna, playing jazz, during the September, 2008 festa called Mezza Notte, where music of all kinds was performed around the centro storico all evening.


November 21, 2009

Photo Hunt: BIRD

This was easy. We have a roadrunner who often hangs out in our front yard. It took me three tries to get him to pose for me. The OTHER visitor to my yard seems to be GONE! It's been 5 days with no evidence, and the peanut butter is intact. But Ego (the dog) scared himself silly going after the peanut butter, and almost catching his paw in the trap!




November 28, 2009


I'm better than I used to be, and stay afloat with our new gadgets. I can do what I need to do with my laptop, surf the internet, manipulate and fix photos, blog, use my i-phone, and our GPS. When I get stuck, or can't figure something out, I call my tech support guy. He lives with me! Brad reads magazines like this:


These are more my style!


December 5, 2009

Photo Hunt: CURVED

The first thing that came to mind are all the beautiful curves I saw on a morning walk in Bologna last year!








December 11, 2009

Photo Hunt: Undesirable

I couldn't think of anything undesirable, so I am copping out with a video of the stress of Christmas. I personally am having the best December I can remember, with NO stress.

12 Pains of Christmas Lyrics

Go ahead and sing along:

The first thing at Christmas that's such a pain to me
Is finding a Christmas tree

The second thing at Christmas that's such a pain to me:
Rigging up the lights
And finding a Christmas tree

The third thing at Christmas that's such a pain to me
Rigging up the lights
And finding a Christmas tree

The fourth thing at Christmas that's such a pain to me

Sending Christmas cards
Rigging up the lights
And finding a Christmas tree

The fifth thing at Christmas that's such a pain to me
Five months of bills!
Sending Christmas cards
Rigging up the lights
And finding a Christmas tree

The sixth thing at Christmas that's such a pain to me:
Facing my in-laws
Five months of bills!
Oh, I hate those Christmas cards!
Rigging up these lights!
And finding a Christmas tree

The seventh thing at Christmas that's such a pain to me:
The Salvation Army
Facing my in-laws
Five months of bills!
Sending Christmas cards
Oh, geez!
I'm tryin' to rig up these lights!
And finding a Christmas tree

The eighth thing at Christmas that such a pain to me:
And whataya mean "YOUR in-laws"?!?
Five months of bills!
Ach, making out these cards
Honey, get me a beer, huh?
What, we have no extension cords?!?
And finding a Christmas tree

The ninth thing at Christmas that's such a pain to me
Finding parking spaces
Facing my in-laws Five months of bills!
Writing out those Christmas cards
Now why the hell are they blinking?!?!?
And finding a Christmas tree

The tenth thing at Christmas that's such a pain to me:
"Batteries Not Included"
No parking spaces
Get a job, ya bum!
Facing my in-laws!
Five months of bills!
Yo-ho, sending Christmas cards
Oh, geez, look at this!
One light goes out, they ALL go out!!!
And finding a Christmas tree

The eleventh thing of Christmas that's such a pain to me:
Stale TV specials
"Batteries Not Included"
No parking spaces
She's a witch...I hate her!
Five months of bills!
Oh, I don't even KNOW half these people!
Oh, who's got the toilet paper, huh?
Get a flashlight...I blew a fuse!!
And finding a Christmas tree

The twelfth thing of Christmas that's such a pain to me:
Singing Christmas carols
Stale TV specials
"Batteries Not Included"
No parking?!?
Gotta make 'em dinner!
Five months of bills!
I'm not sendin' them this year, that's it!
Shut up, you!
And finding a Christmas tree

December 26, 2009

Photo Hunt: TWELVE

I'm so ready for this one!

12 kinds of cookies:


11 Perfect snowflakes:


10 Christmas Hummels:


9 Memories on the Italy Wreath:


8 Holly Cupcakes:


7 loaves of Cherry-Almond Bread:


6 Shiny Trees:


5 German figures on a music box from m first Christmas:


4 Italian Santas:


3 Gingerbread pancakes:


2 Stockings:


And a Cingale on an Italy Tree!



January 2, 2010

Photo Hunt: LICK

What dog doesn't love peanut butter? Ego was helpful in posing for this week's theme of LICK.


"I wonder why she keeps taking my picture? Who cares?"


"I wonder what next week's theme is? I hope it is CHEW."


"I bet that's why she is cooking that ribeye roast right now!"


"Anything else I can help with?"


January 9, 2010

Photo Hunt: BULKY


January 16, 2010

Photo Hunt:JIGGLY

The first things that came to mind were: jello (no, I'm not making some), my upper arms (too gross for a photo), earthquakes (too sad and devastating, given the recent tragedy in Haiti), so I'm stretching the topic to say that I'm trying not to jiggle the bed because Brad had surgery Thursday, and I don't want to disturb his sleep or jiggle the pillows or bedding around his incisions!

He had two large lipomas removed from his back and neck, and is doing well!


He's a good patient, so I made him some chocolate chip cookies.


January 23, 2010

Photo Hunt: BALANCED


January 30, 2010

Photo Hunt: SPOTTED

Ann's Raspberry-Brown Butter Tart






Chocolate Chip Cookies


February 6, 2010

Photo Hunt: AVERAGE

What is your daily AVERAGE? One cup?


Two cups?


Here's my AVERAGE:


February 20, 2010

Photo Hunt: CUDDLY

Here is Ego with a cuddly chingale.


March 6, 2010

Photo Hunt: FORIEGN

You are expecting a photo of Italy...

Not today! But here are some of my FORIEGN friends:



I usually completely forget that Jerry, Paul and Sheena are Canadian (actually, Sheena was born in England).

Then I get our phone bills....
Brad got us a plan that is free to Canada.

Then Jerry texts me, and it is 25 cents a shot. We can text for 20 minutes, and it is $10! I tell him to stop, and say "I can call you for free!"

They all say "WHILST"!

They have a few other Canadian styles of speaking (and spelling) that remind me again, that our lovely neighbors to the north live in a foriegn country.

It is certainly FORIEGN to me that they live somewhere it snows! But that is also true for many of my American friends!

So cheers to my friends from Canada! You did an OUTSTANDING job with the Olympics! I was even happy about the hockey game!

March 27, 2010

Photo Hunt: FRESH

Fresh artichokes:


Fresh greens:


Fresh tulips:


Fresh new grape leaves:


April 3, 2010

Photo Hunt: SWEET

What is sweeter than a baby?

Here are some 2 month photos of Noah:

"I'm a happy baby!"


"Well, we all have our moments..."


"Here I am with my cousin Cadi."


"I hope I get an Easter Basket!"


April 10, 2010

Photo Hunt: VERTICAL

I'll be looking at le due torri in Bologna in 42 days!


April 17, 2010

Photo Hunt: COVERED

Our pergola is now covered with new grape leaves and tiny bunches of soon-to-be grapes.


April 24, 2010

Photo Hunt: ADDICTION(s)


Yeah, SO?
No dirty little secrets here. You KNOW all of mine!

May 1, 2010

Photo Hunt: BLACK

Here are a couple shots of Rome at night.



Anyone know where this is?


May 8, 2010

Photo Hunt: Mother

For my mom:

Lena Mary Nettis Case

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Thanks, Mom
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May 15, 2010

Photo Hunt: HALF

Half watermelon, half crema gelato.


June 19, 2010

Photo Hunt: SIX

I couldn't resist using my new shiny gold espresso cups from Bologna for this week's theme. I actually bought them, NOT for espresso (as I have enough of those already), but to use for serving a small amount of soup as a starter course. Why not use them for a small dessert? I carried them home in my carry-on bag, wrapped in my nightgown. Here they are filled with "Lemon Fluff":



8 oz. cream cheese, softened
2 T. sugar (or Splenda)
2 6 oz. containers of lemon yogurt
8 oz. Cool Whip
zest of one large lemon
lemon curd

Beat cream cheese with sugar until smooth. Add yogurt and lemon zest, and beat until smooth. Fold in Cool Whip. Fill bowls or glasses, and top with a spoonful of lemon curd.

June 26, 2010

Photo Hunt: Purple




July 3, 2010

Photo Hunt: OPEN

I may have mentioned buying so much stuff in Bologna, that I mailed home (as did my partner in crime, Jerry) my "dirty clothes" to make room for 18 pounds of STUFF (cheese, vinegar, purses, etc.) in my luggage.

You have to love the Italian post office. They said it was open at 8:30, but at 8:15, they were open, and we were next in line. After almost an hour of filling out forms, weighing, coming up with an Italian address, and an inventory of what was in the boxes and it's value...we were set.

My box arrived in quite a sad condition, two weeks later.

They wouldn't let us tape the boxes, we could only use the 4 little stickers they gave us.

My box was mostly OPEN, but everything was inside, and it made it home!



This is what 74 Euro worth of postage looks like, but another extra bag with the airlines would have been tough to manage and cost $100!


July 10, 2010

Photo Hunt: FREE

So many ways to go with this theme!

I decided to share what I do with the "FREE stuff" we all take home from hotel rooms: soap, shampoo, etc. I used to just keep a basket of some of the small samples of soap, shampoo, lotion, etc. in my guest bathroom.

Now, I save them up for a few months, and bring them to Catholic Charities in Indio. They have a food bank, emergency supplies, diapers, and personal hygiene products for poor families, or those who have lost their homes. They also provide emergency services (help with housing, immigration, paying electric bills, eviction, etc.), and of course provide them with FREE parenting classes, or FREE counseling!


July 17, 2010

Photo Hunt: Triangle

This one couldn't be easier. There it was on my kitchen counter for summer. Leave it to Kleenex!


Here is another big red triangle:


July 24, 2010

Photo Hunt: HANGING

I decided to take advantage of the 1 cent sale at Aaron Brothers, and frame a bunch of my watercolors. We were busy framing and HANGING this week. Here are the newly decorated walls.





July 31, 2010

Photo Hunt: PUBLIC

Have you ever been confused about which PUBLIC restroom was the right one for you to enter? No foreign words to symbols to decipher, and no doubts about the right door at Tarpey's Roadhouse in Monterey! How clever!



August 7, 2010

Photo hunt: COLORFUL

Of course my brain went straight to food!

These are COLORFUL edible roses made of fruit roll ups.


COLORFUL frosting:


19 pots of zinnias make the yard more COLORFUL:


I love my COLORFUL watercolor paints!


Finally, this Chihully fixture is very colorful!


August 14, 2010

Photo Hunt: ORANGE




August 21, 2010


This week's theme threw me for a minute, but then I thought of clock towers!



August 28, 2010

Photo Hunt: FRAMED

Here is a new frame I bought in Ravenna with a photo of happy Noah!


September 4, 2010

Photo Hunt: HOT

It is a BEAUTIFUL 79 degrees in Verona!

But this was easy. I live in the land of HOT!

This is what we see as our typical weather forecast July-September:


September 25, 2010

Photo Hunt: Natural

This week was easy! So much NATURAL beauty around us!

Near Santa Barbara:


Fresh figs at the market:


October 2, 2010

Photo Hunt: LETTERS

I saw this last week in a restaurant.


What do you notice first? The letters? The colors? or The wine bottles?

October 9, 2010

Photo hunt: STRIPES

This sculpture is on El Paseo, our upscale shopping street in Palm Desert:


October 23, 2010

Photo Hunt: ORANGE

This week was easy. I walked from my kitchen to my dining room!

There is orange on the kitchen table:


There is orange on the dining room table:


There is an orange pumpkin soup tureen:


There are even orange kitchen towels on the oven. (a great gift from Sharon L)


October 30, 2010

Photo Hunt: DARK

This is a spider that was on my patio last week! Dark and creepy!


There is of stretch of Interstate 10 (San Bernadino Freeway) with dark burned trees.


Next I looked in my pantry and came up with these:



November 6, 2010

Photo Hunt: ALIVE

Someone sent me this REAL photo! His name is Zonkey!


November 13, 2010

Photo Hunt: ITCHY

I am ITCHY to win some money in Vegas!


November 20, 2010

Photo Hunt: JUICY

I went immediately back to Rome's Campo dei Fiori!



November 27, 2010

Photo Hunt: WRITTEN

These are two of my favorite "WRITTEN" signs seen in Italy, both in Montalcino:


(nicely rephrased: Don't let your dog poop here. Let it poop in front of YOUR house!)


December 4, 2010

Photo Hunt: HARD TO FIND

How did I find both a chinghale (wild boar) and a prosciutto for my Italy Christmas tree?



December 11, 2010

Photo Hunt: FUNNY

Yeah, Right!


January 15, 2011

Photo Hunt: SHADOW

Today's theme is SHADOW. Look at the big black dog next to Luigi who seems to be MY SHADOW!


January 22, 2011

Photo Hunt: Hands

Here are mine making garganelli!


January 29, 2011

Photo Hunt: STANDING

You can see Luigi is getting bigger when he is STANDING.


Unfortunately, we often see him STANDING in places he shouldn't be STANDING!



February 5, 2011

Photo Hunt: FASHION

The only fashion statement on my mind right now is how to cover my head. Since it is looking like several head surgeries are in my future, I will need a better hat selection.

I have already found my first choice FASHION hat:


February 26, 2011



March 12, 2011

Photo Hunt: Machines

Besides my laptop and cell phone, I use these two machines more during the week than I use my CAR!



March 19, 2011

Photo Hunt: License Plate

Got these at the last minute:


I think the frame is better than the license plate from Palm Desert Door:


March 26, 2011

Photo Hunt: Caged

Was there any doubt?


April 2, 2011

Photo Hunt: CLOSED

6:45 a.m. in Roma. My cafe is still CLOSED (until 7).


April 16, 2011

Photo Hunt: ROAD

I'd love to live near this road!


April 23, 2011

Photo Hunt: DUST

Even though the days have been warm, we still are having breezy evenings. Our dust is really desert SAND. It gets everywhere. I walk around daily with a bottle of Windex! Here is what I cleaned off of our patio table this morning:


May 7, 2011

Photo Hunt: Digital

Here are my two new DIGITAL devices, all dressed up for their trip to Italy:

My i-phone 4 and the new i-pad 2 (which arrived Wednesday!)


July 16, 2011

Photo hunt: BACKWARDS

We are facing BACKWARDS as we sail from Varenna on the car ferry.


I was glad we were the third car on (and off) and not the first on the edge!


We were facing forward again when we arrived in Mennagio on our way to Lugano.


July 30, 2011

Photo hunt: TOGETHER

Together: Here are the Grand Godkids all TOGETHER with Casey and Sarah!


August 6, 2011

Photo hunt: PAINTED

Here's what I painted yesterday: A favorite caffe in Piazza Celestina in Bologna.


August 13, 2011

Photo Hunt: ONE

This week's word is ONE.


August 20, 2011

Photo Hunt: DRINK

Here is how to DRINK at Sugar, in Las Vegas:


Or with friends in Venice!


or Bologna!


or alone on a Sunday morning in a piazza!


August 27, 2011


This says it all...


September 3, 2011

Photo Hunt: WRONG

It must be WRONG, right?


September 10, 2011

Photo hunt: GREASY

Some fried eggplant waiting to become parmigiana:


Fried Calamari at a Veneto market:


September 17, 2011

Photo Hunt: WOODEN

We saw this beautiful WOODEN miniature of Saint Antimo in a gentleman's garage in Montalcino.


Here is Brad standing on the WOODEN Ponte Vecchio bridge in Bassano del Grappa:


September 24, 2011

PHoto Hunt: YELLOW

One of my favorite YELLOW sights: happy sunflowers!


Another is daffodils in the spring!


October 1, 2011

Photo Hunt:COVERED

Our pergola is COVERED with grape vines:


October 8, 2011

Photo Hunt: WAITING

I am WAITING to win the lottery, so I can buy this house in the beautiful little town of Mondavio in Le Marche!


Here are some more photos on the real estate listing:

Mondavio House

October 22, 2011

Photo Hunt: HIGH


Enjoy some of the HIGH mountains of Monti Sibillini, Le Marche:

October 29, 2011

Photo Hunt: BROKEN

We will return to the end of our Italy trip on Tuesday, November 1.

The first thing I thought of with this week's Photo Hunt theme was the broken bottle of Umbrian olive oil that made a mess in my kitchen a couple of years ago.


November 5, 2011

Photo Hunt: LIGHT

The Italian morning LIGHT is magical, isn't it?



November 12, 2011

Photo Hunt: TWO



November 19, 2011

Phoyo Hunt: RAINY

When I saw the word for this week, I thought, "How will I get a photo of rain in the desert?" Well guess what? The weather gods decided we were due with a storm last weekend.



November 26, 2011



December 17, 2011

Photo Hunt: JOY


A quiet moment with a cup of coffee and a Nutella cookie is a JOY!

December 31, 2011

Photo Hunt: GATHER

A group shot from the 2010 San Diego Slow Travel Gathering:


January 7, 2012

Photo Hunt: BLING

Here we are a couple years ago on our anniversary in Acqui Terme. Quite a bit of bling that night!


January 14, 2012

Photo Hunt: CIRCULAR

I didn't have to walk far with my camera to find CIRCULAR things in my house. I only made it as far as the powder room and found these two:

A medallion in our hallway:


The powder room sink:


January 21, 2012

Photo Hunt: BLISS

BLISS: Two tickets to Venice for May!


January 28, 2012

Photo Hunt: FLUFFY



February 11, 2012

Photo Hunt: HEART

They are ALL over my kitchen and dining room!






February 18, 2012

Photo Hunt: POINT

The first thing that came to mind was the Mole in Torino:


February 25, 2012

Photo Hunt: LOUD

Here is what I came up with:

These ducks were LOUD at Fontana del Papa:


Airplanes are also LOUD!


March 3, 2012

Photo Hunt: DROP

Remember when the tree DROPPED on my old car?


or when I DROPPED and broke the whole bottle of Umbrian olive oil in my pantry?


March 10, 2012

Photo Hunt: SYMBOLIC


March 24, 2012

Photo Hunt: SPICY


March 31, 2012

Photo Hunt:FRESH




April 7, 2012

Photo Hunt: AWESOME

Photo Hunt this week is AWESOME.

Brad's Easter basket is an AWESOME chocolate cake!


April 14, 2012

Photo Hunt: STURDY

These Le Marche fortress in Senegalia and Mondavio look pretty STURDY to me!l



April 21, 2012

Photo Hunt: REFLECT

Love these wine glass shots!




April 28, 2012

Photo Hunt: TEXTURE

This is tree bark from Lake Como! It thought it was a pretty texture!


May 5, 2012

Photo Hunt: ZAP


I wish my Fairy Godmother would use her magic wand to ZAP 20 pounds off me before we leave for Italy in a couple of weeks!

May 12, 2012

Photo Hunt: SCOOP

My most used SCOOP used to be for coffee, but since Keurig came into my life, now these are most used:


June 22, 2012

Photo Hunt: HOT

This week was 113. My car said 122! Say inside, drink plenty of water, then get in the pool!

It is HOT!


June 29, 2012

Photo Hunt: FLASH

Nothing like a little flash help from Photoshop.

Chapel at Sant'Apollinare Nuovo in Ravenna:


July 7, 2012

Photo Hunt: ZANY

Why is there a kid's wading pool filled with rubber duckies on my kitchen table?
It's my ZANY centerpiece for a party tonight. See what other "ducky" things are going on tomorrow...


July 14, 2012

Photo Hunt: DANCE

This was a tough one. I dug back to my photos of the 2010 Slow Travel San Diego Gathering. Do you see yourself on the dance floor?



July 21, 2012

Photo Hunt: SONG


I went WAY back for this one, to 2001 and a trattoria in Travestere with the strolling musicians!

July 28, 2012

Photo Hunt: JOKER

This street artist in Padova had us doing a double take!


August 4, 2012

Photo Hunt: Ooooooo

Ooooooo...TODAY is the day we meet our exchange student, Federico. Even with a Tylenol PM last night (which I usually take twice a year on flights to Italy), I was up at 5:09 a.m. and EXCITED!

Luigi knows "something is up". We told him he will meet his new "big brother" today.


The house is shiny clean, there are LOTS of goodies in the fridge, and the welcome banner is ready to take to the airport. We will meet our "son" when his flight arrives at the Palm Springs airport at 2:54! OMG!


More photos SOON!

August 18, 2012

Photo Hunt: CAN

I CAN get good grades, play sports and have fun as a Senior in an American High School!


August 25, 2012


Chocolates from Jacques Payard at Caesar's Palace:


Brad and Federico enjoyed their chocolate gelato (for $13)

September 1, 2012

Photo Hunt: QUIET


Brad is at work. Federico is at school. The house is all QUIET. I can read The Mocking Jay for 45 minutes!

September 15, 2012

Photo Hunt: HAIRY

Here are my three HAIRY guys who all need a haircut!


September 22, 2012

Photo Hunt: ESCAPE

I would like to ESCAPE, back to Le Marche, but just for the next 25 years or so...


September 29, 2012

Photo Hunt: DODGY

It is time for Luigi to go to the groomer.


He heard me make an appointment for him on Saturday, and was DODGY (under the coffee table).


October 6, 2012

Photo Hunt: HAND

An oldie, but goodie:


October 13, 2012

Photo Hunt: EMPTY

First there were cookies:


But soon the plate was EMPTY!


October 20, 2012

Photo Hunt: SASSY

It's a little late in the day, but I had 98 geranium pots to plant this morning, and I slept in until 8:00 for the first time in several months!

Here is all I could come up with for SASSY. Federico is so NOT sassy, or sullen or sulky or any other of the negative "S" words we usually associate with teenage boys. He is suave, and sweet and smart and striking and social... OK, I will stop for now.

Here is our sassy golf club lunch at the Lakeview Terrace at Desert Willow!


Here is Federico's burger, Brad's Ruben, and my Monte Cristo sandwich:




November 3, 2012

Photo Hunt: SEASONAL


November 17, 2012

Photo Hunt: Mural


Yes, there are SO many beautiful murals in Italy, but I chose this one from Lompoc, CA.

December 1, 2012

Photo Hunt: STELLAR


I chose one of my favorite houses in Venice!

January 12, 2013




January 18, 2013

Photo Hunt: HAVEN

This little cove in Varenna, on Lake Como was our haven during two visits.


January 26, 2013

Photo Hunt: KNITTED

How do you bring a 3 liter tin of olive oil home from Italy in your checked luggage?
Wrap it in several plastic grocery bags, then bundle it up in a knitted hat and scarf!


Unwrap it carefully and hope for the best!




February 9, 2013

Photo Hunt: PROMISE

I PROMISE to always make holiday cookies!


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